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is there any free software to arranage interent timing  to use android tab , andriod mobile phone and computers in same LAN network (with a interenet router - lan with wlan as gateway)
like tab ---on sunday from 9 am to 10 am / 4pm to 6pm / 9pm to 10 pm
computer on sunday from 9 am to 10 am  / 2pm to 3pm

mobile on sunday .............
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Most routers have something like that already included. Just look at the router's setup.


looking for software .....router software is not proper and not user friendly
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what you want has to exist at the network level between the clients and the internet
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If you want something that's universal and can control all the devices on your network from one spot without first installing stuff on each device, it has to be from the router. Netgear has some pretty simple-to-use Parental Controls for its routers.

If you can pay and install an app/program on each device, Netnanny offers time controls with their 5-device, $60/year subscription:
set up Router Access Restrictions for clients that are listed in the router
Brand name of your router model please.
How to Limit Your family or friends Internet Access Using the Built-in Wireless Router Settings


router is huwei HG658b  
 router software is not user friendly
 looking another third party free software
The router has the controls you want. See page 17 of this user guide on how to set it up:

What you're looking for: 3rd party software that's free and "user friendly" likely doesn't exist. The free stuff isn't going to be "user friendly," and the user friendly stuff isn't going to be free. Not to mention, trying to use software not running on the router complicates things, like making it necessary to install software on every single device you want to control.

Here's a list of software, take a look for yourself and see if any works for you:
The best solution is to use the feature built into the router, although 3rd party software is available, but nothing free.

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