Exchange 2013 DAG IP showing offline

Dear All,

I am running exchnage 2013 with 3 nodes,my DAG IP is showing offline i am not able to ping it but there is no interruptions for the users email flows is working perfectly fine,but since my DAG IP is not pinging i am not able to take backup,as the the host name in the backup is configured as the DAG IP,can i right click and try bring it online,if i do this will it effect anything.

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SysguysConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i just right clicked and brought online it worked.
Ruud de KwaadstenietCommented:
I think the big question is; why is it offline? What are the events telling you?
Ruud de KwaadstenietCommented:
For the future; the question remains, what happend?

Just to make sure it won't happen again.

SysguysAuthor Commented:
got it resolve  myself
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