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Does linux has softwares like microsft visual tools or can i use adobe family on linux? Also does linux is easy to create networks in an office environment like microsoft windows?  I like linux because i don't have to buy new computer every year. But I just don't know if its enough mature to do all things which i do in microsoft windows.
Ann KAsked:
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Linux has OpenOffice or the like, it sound as though you are interested in a graphical environment.
Ubuntu or Linux mint might be the Linux versions most appropriate ........
There are ide development tools such as netbeans, ruby, etc

Networks? Shares using cifs (samba/Windows) NFS Linux/UNIX shares.
Openldap, nis deals with centralized credential management.

What do you do in your Windows environment! You can not develop/code Windows application, you can create Java, php type web applications with MySQL, PostgreSQL , etc.
Ann KAuthor Commented:
Does netbeans has graphic controls like text boxes, buttons etc?  Also can I use macromedia and adobe graphics tools on linux?
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I do not buy a new Windows computer every year!  More like every five years. In the last 12 years, one for Vista/Windows 7, one for Windows 8/10, one for Windows 10.

Networking may need Samba as noted above.

Adobe and Office need third party like software on Linux.

For Windows tasks, and for the very common software (in use by 80% of people), I use Windows and it works fine.
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You have to check with Adobe, on whether their products are available for Linux platform?
Netbeans as other IDE development tools are graphical,

What are you developing, web based application and you effectively looking for a wysiwyg type of .......... Tool?

Ruby, eclipse, Jason, Ajax,

As you noted, Linux is free, there are other open source tools, the portion that charges nothing requires the person to do the searches to locate the tools for their needs. Some common, are included by the Linux vendor, others.
During Linux install, many offer the selection for the type of environment you would like, development /desktop development could/might include what you need, or you might still have to go to the various ruby, eclipse, or search for "IDE development for X" and see what options are there, then choose different ones to see which suits your needs as well as with which you are more comfortable.........
Ann KAuthor Commented:
I am using microsoft access since a long time. But just buying windows 1,2,3,4,9,10 ...... and buying new hardware its just an extra expense for me every year. If I can find any easy software like access, I dont need to use windows any more.
John HurstConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I used Windows 7 for 5 years with Office 2010 for the same five. Windows 8 and Office 2013 for 30 months and now Windows 10 with Office 2016 for a year and another 4 to go.

So if you just like Linux that is great. But no need to replace computers or software every year at all.
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thank you and good luck with all that you are doing with Linux. It is, indeed, a decent operating system.
It depends on your use of access, Linux has MySQL/postgresql as installable fully functional db.
MySQL, if not mistaken had a tool that could help migrate access data to MySQL. The only issue deals with whether your access use included both front end interface and backend data, or sourly backend data with either iis/asp web based front end ....

MySQL has a Windows version that can be installed along side, and tested.
Once the data is in MySQL, it can be easily transferred, ........ MySQL/php on the Windows can ve setup.....

Is your issue for these frequent hardware changes because of performance of your access application?.
Ann KAuthor Commented:
Just want something different. Does MySQL  do the same thing I do in access? I mean forms, reports, query and then create main menu and link with them.
MySQL is the data repository portion; more equivalent to Microsoft ms SQL server. The forms/reports data entry, etc has to be built using other means such as a web based application with php. There are tools available for MySQL such as MySQL workbench, but for views, etc, to setup a straight forward interface to it would require some additional process on your part.

I.e. Linux for OS, MySQL as the database, Apach as the web server, PHP as the web coding/web application.

Using a PHP IDE you could setup the forms, reports, data entry, web application etc. that could further enhance your skillset.
You could start on your Windows iis/php with data in access, and/or transition/incorporate functionality with data in MySQL,

Access is a local data repository with sata stored in a flat file.
MySQL, ms SQL, PostgreSQL, are more robust relational data storage technologies more suited for a client/server environment....

I think there are similar flat file data storage technologies available from Java, ... But in the Linux OS, the availability of MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. so while there are cdb, DBm,gdbm, available are frequently used for small scale applications.....
Ann KAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this detailed information. Visual tools makes me little lazy and don't want to write 3 GL coding like in PHP. Is their any tool I can use which has GUI interface on Linux platform and can connect it with mySQL.
MySQL workbench is a GUI tool, often installing the web based tool, phpmyadmin
But these are raw queries for data without formating.

Have a look at the various IDE for php, I think those are graphical that would not necessarily require you to code in 3gl, presumably you mean/reference things such as c/c++

You might be able to find an existing solution (open source) for what you are currently using access, but as it is not described, can not say for certain.
I.e. If you setup/built your access as an expense tracking, accounting tool, there are open source accounting software,
If this is for some similar common uses, there might be ...

The only difficulty you would have/need to transition the data you have into the data layout/relationship in the app. Sone might have import tools........
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