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I have only wired PC internet accesses, without WiFi.
I have the USB to iPhone cable.
I do not have internet on iPhone.
I want to use Safari browser from iPhone to access internet.
Everything is wired, no WiFi.
How to get internet on iPhone from PC using that USB iPhone cable connected to PC?
What software, apps or settings do I need?
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Sorry Viki .. the iPhone cannot connect to the internet using the PC USB cable.

If the PC doesn't have WiFi it must be broken or an old PC as almost all PCs have WiFi card included.

You don't need a WiFi network but if your PC has a WiFi card you can create a private WiFi connection between the iPhone and PC and then access the Internet using the PCs cable connection.
You basically create an Ad Hoc Wireless connection on the PC and the iPhone can connect to that.
I am aware about the Wireless solution, but I can't for this situation.
I want a pure wired solution.
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If there is no wifi available and your PC doesn't have a wireless card, then there is no way to provide internet to your iPhone. You have to have one or the other.

As far as getting online goes, the USB cord is only useful when your iPhone has internet and you want the PC to get online through it.
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"As far as getting online goes, the USB cord is only useful when your iPhone has internet and you want the PC to get online through it. "
That I know how do it.
I wanted the other way around.
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You could try this: http://lifehacker.com/hack-together-a-way-to-connect-an-ipad-or-iphone-over-e-1770270331 ... no guarantees can be made it would work well
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You did not understand it. It is not wireless and is not from IPhone to PC. I need from PC to IPhone and wired only.
That sound interesting, but complicated. I do not have all those cables. I have only the 1st one mentioned Apple Lightning to USB cable,
It seems I go fast into an unwanted direction with negative answer which makes me to give up too soon. I do not like that feeling.
Viki .. I'll repeat my comment.  You cannot use the USB/Lightning cable to access the Internet on the PC from your  iPhone.    :-(
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You'd have to to have to get the additional cables. But also, you would also need a 5 port switch and 2 additional Ethernet cables. Then you could have both the PC and the phone directly on the network. Alternative would be to install a second NIC card in the PC, and have an Ethernet cord to connect the solution I provided (but you'd also have to set up Internet Connection Sharing on the PC).

I understand what you're trying to do, but it's also something that Apple never intended to be done. So sometimes the solution to a problem exists, it's just a matter of whether you feel it's worth going through.

Is this a highly restrictive business environment that you're trying to connect the iPhone in, if you don't mind my asking?
Yes, it is my work PC, has no wirelesses. Home I have my WIfI router. But that is all right. It is only good to know that does not work.
The background of the problem is strange 100%.
I want to access the Microchip forum to ask some technical questions. I am allowed from my work PC to do that. That is not problem here. The problem is with Microchip forum. It is "broken" since some years now. Sometimes you cannot post a new thread, sometimes you cannot reply, sometimes you cannot edit a topic and nobody seems to care from Microchip's side, probably because is free. It is absolutely crazy and disturbing situation. And they had/have money because they bought Atmel. It is only the fact that is free and nobody cares. If it would have been used/accessed by some VIP from Microchip, then the situation would have been fixed since long time. They do not allocate resources to repair it once for ever. And all that only because they wanted to update it in a new form. As it was before was just fine.
The strange part is that I can post from a mobile device as iPhone, but I have no internet on IPhone for the moment.
Anyway, by chance I had my iPad today with me and has LTE SIM incorporated so I could post my questions on Microchip forum mobile version of the website. Then later I could even reply from desktop PC.
The answer to the present question here on EE is good that I know it for future.
Viki - this is possibly another solution to the issue

Perhaps easier is to use Google Chrome and enable the Developer Mode and turn on the mobile device simulator .. this may allow you to browse the website on your PC and be able to post as it is quite close to the behaviour of Safari on iOS
Thanks for hint.
I will try next time. Now the question is posted.
Thank you for your help, explanation and suggestions.
You gave me ideas.
I tried iPadian, an iPad emulator for Windows. Seems that works that way.
There you go .. sometimes there is another way to approach the problem and get a solution!!  If I'd known the problem was relating to viewing a website on iOS not working on Windows I'd have steered you towards Chrome or an emulator much sooner and the USB cable / WiFi would never have been a factor!!

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