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IIS on 2012 R2 server local access works, remote does not

I setup a iis server for our application.  i got a certificate app.domain.com and bound it to 443. I had our isp  nat a public ip our private ip.

When i try to connect to app.domain.com remotely i get 404 error
when i try and connect to nat public ip remotely  i get a cert error, click proceed, 404 error
when i connect using host name (https://app) i get cert error, click proceed, works.

I disabled firewall on all network types (for now)
I put app.domain.com in the host file
what else could i be missing here?

domain.com is NOT a name our DC's have zones for. its public only. all the testing i did remotely i used a mobile phone, or remote desktop from a pc off our network. I am not concerned at this point about local machines connecting using the public dns or cert.

I'm wondering if its some new IIS features I am not familiar with restricting public access?
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