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Is the Chrome plugin "Browserstack" the best tool to use to test/emulate different devices or is there a better tool?  Free is always good.
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Jeff DarlingDeveloper AnalystCommented:
There is one emulator tool from Sauce Labs that literally creates different platforms and allows logging in.  The service is not free, but is excellent if you do a lot of cross platform development and want to perform testing.  Lots of cool features such as screen recording and saving the video on the site for later viewing.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Many of my colleagues just use Bootstrap.  It automatically creates responsive designs.  All you need to do to emulate a smaller viewport is make the browser window smaller!
rgranlundAuthor Commented:
@Ray, but what if I am asked to check a specific Device type?
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Ray PaseurCommented:
Browserstack may be able to do that - I haven't used it.  As a practical matter, if someone wants you to test a specific device, it may not be feasible without having the device in hand.  But if you can get a form factor and see that the design "degrades gracefully" you're halfway there.
This doesn't count PC and Android offerings!
Prasadh BaapaatWeb Designer & DeveloperCommented:
you can try FireBreak

it shows current browser width as in image below, it also changes on the fly when you resize window.

Prasadh BaapaatWeb Designer & DeveloperCommented:
This one has presets of size and you can select a size to resize your browser.


both are firefox addons though
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