Copying Value by Column Header Name into new Sheet

Background (Why the data is scattered) : Data are shared by multiple team (18-20) and after consolidation it becomes a table where Part Number , Qty , Price and Value are repeated 18-20 times.  - Example refer Sheet 1 attached of raw data.

Desired output is to pull data through Macro of all adjacent cells where Part Number is not blank.

If Part Number is not blank, pull qty and value of that specific part number from Sheet 1 and paste value Result Sheet in respective column.

  -  Refer "Results" Sheet -Based on part number not blank  in column A of Sheet 1 and pulling qty and Value (C&D).
  - Similar results need to be pulled from all subsequent column till last column with Part Number heading.

Don't know if i explain enough to understand the desired output. In case not, please ask.


Chandra Gupt KumarAsked:
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KoenChange and Transition ManagerCommented:
Ok, so that is why a sample was needed, i misundertood your question...

see if the attached macro in the workbook solves your problem...
KoenChange and Transition ManagerCommented:
example sheet not attached...
KoenChange and Transition ManagerCommented:
It looks to me like turning your data into a table would be the key to solving this one.
Then you can reference the columns by their header, resulting in the macro (or formulas) to work no matter where that column is in your data.
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Chandra Gupt KumarAuthor Commented:

Attached sample file.

I have no clue how data table would help me solving this problem.
Chandra Gupt KumarAuthor Commented:
Wow !

It is wonderful to see results ..

KoenChange and Transition ManagerCommented:
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