outlook 2007 vs New Version of Outlook - cannot see LDAP ID

i am trying to figure out if there is way to place this feature in outlook 2013
Jorge OcampoAsked:
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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The info below shall help you.

In Outlook 2013,

1. Go to the File menu.

2. Choose the Account Settings option

3. Select the Address Books tab -> Choose to create New address book.

4. Choose the Internet Directory Service (LDAP) option and click Next to proceed.

5. Provide Account Details

a) Provide your account details In the Server Name box, type the name of the server.
b) Select the This server requires me to log on check box, and then provide user name and password

Source: http://wiki.mithi.com/index.php/Outlook_2013_LDAP
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