Outlook 2010 wont receive mail


   I have a user in my office who has Windows 7, with Norton running office 2010.   The Outlook 2010 is not receiving mail properly.
When we reboot the machine, Outlook will receive the mail a single time, most of the new email is loaded and then we receive
a timeout error.     If we try to receive mail again, the process just sits there and times out.   IF we restart outlook and try to receive again the receive just times out.   We only get new mail after a reboot.

    We are using a POP3 account    and SMTP
    This user did have a fairly large EMAIL BOX with over 50000 emails and about 14GB in total size.  

So far I have:

  1 Removed the large mailbox from outlook and re-setup the account.   There are only about 200 emails to download.  
              this did not fix the issue.

   2 Scanned the system for viruses and malware and cleaned up any issues found
   3  Tried to uninstall outlook, then reinstall it.  This process did not work as expected since the only way
                  to completely remove outlook is to totally uninstall the office package.    Since the Office Package
                  for this user came with the computer we dont have a disk to reinstall it.
   4  Tried disabling the Microsoft Teredo tunneling adapter:   I see the tunneling adapter activating and deactivating in the
                 Norton log.   I was thinking that perhaps this was slowing down the receive However
                  disabling the adapter with NETSH INTERFACE TEREDO DISABLE did not affect the issue with outlook.

   5 Tried disabling the Norton Firewall and Virus Scanner.    Did not fix the issue.

    6 Ran outlook with command   --    outlook \safe    
                 This disables all add-ins and extras,    still had the same problem receiving.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    My only other suggestion is to get a new copy ... ie OFFICE 2016 and load that.   However Im not sure that will fix
the problem.

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John HurstConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Several things.

1. Teredo tunneling adapter is not related to Outlook at all.

2. Uninstall / Reinstall Office - I know you need the disk.

3. Set up a new, test, Windows User Account. Log into the new Windows account and test.

4. Close Outlook, make a backup copy of the PST file.

5. Run SCANPST.EXE against the PST file. Run Outlook and test.
El FierroConnect With a Mentor Network EngineerCommented:
i believe your main culprit is norton, i would recommend uninstalling and checking your mail flow then.
knk53Author Commented:

   Thanks for writing back

2. Uninstall / Reinstall Office - I know you need the disk.
     I believe we can make a disk from the DELL Recovery Utilities but I am trying to figure out how
      to do that so it only installs OFFICE.

3. Set up a new, test, Windows User Account. Log into the new Windows account and test.
        The user does have another account with a different mail provider, and I believe that is
        working, but I will recheck it.    

        This user's mail account does work properly on other computers

4. Close Outlook, make a backup copy of the PST file.
      We did make multiple copies of the PST file as backups just in case

5. Run SCANPST.EXE against the PST file. Run Outlook and test.
      I forgot to add that we did run SCANPST,   took a really long time.  
      It did say it found some errors so we ran the repair,    
      The repair did complete eventually, but still have the same issue.
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knk53Author Commented:
El Fierro,


    I did completely turn off NORTON and that did not fix the issue.  I know that is not
the same as totally uninstalling it but that would be a major upheaval.   last restort.

I also dont see anything corresponding to Outlook SEND/RECEIVES in the NORTON log

John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Since the user's account works fine on other computers, that points to either:

1. The current Windows profile and the need to re-create it.

2. Possibly a PST error still (long time for SCANPST).

For number 2:  Make a backup of the PST as backup.pst.

Make a new Outlook Profile and hence remake the email account. Test this.

Then Outlook, File, Open, Import and import backup.pst. Now you have a new PST file.
El FierroNetwork EngineerCommented:
turning off norton function is deceiving and evil from my experience. i had a few issues once where i upgraded outlook and it didnt fix the issue. the problem ended up being darn norton and kapersky on different occasions... can you set up that account on another computer? ..for mail flow testing
knk53Author Commented:
We did find our office 2010 disk.    And the user still has the installation key from the Dell receipt so we are probably gonna try to reinstall office in the morning.

John  -  What I did was,  
                 Moved all of the pst files to a backup folder
                 Used the Control Panel -> Mail function to delete the pointers to the data files and
                Started outlook and made a new account profile,

                It picked up the mail from the user's account .. about 145 emails
                    getting slower and slower until the end it got to 144 out of 145 and
                    timed out on the receive.

 EL Fiero  -  Agreed that Firewalls and Scanners can be deceptively masking a problem at times.
                         Gonna try the office reinstall first,   if that doesnt work try to reinstall norton.

jmac44Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I think El's right you should uninstall Norton. Just because you disabled it doesn't mean there aren't processes running in the background. Norton is like that. You have to uninstall to completely to turn it off. Norton is the worst antivirus software on the market by far. I've been doing this for 12 years and cannot tell you how many times it interfered with email, the operating system and on and on... The two years I put up with having it. Their antivirus and backup solutions are so high maintenance that I don't understand why anyone uses them. Do yourself a favor and uninstall it. Get rid of completely. The problem's and false positives Norton creates is not worth it.
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If Norton consumer then yes try uninstalling it. If Symantec corporate, it does not interfere with email.
Edwin HofferConnect With a Mentor Technical ExpertCommented:
Dear user
You and experts have tried to most of the suggested methods to fix the bug. But it is still showing the error. So I am suggesting you some additional techniques you can try to recover the error.
1. Firstly try to view the report log by using the Office Configuration Analyzer Tool. If it displays the error then you can fix it by suggested method. To use Office Configuration Analyzer Tool refer the following link:
2. Otherwise, try to Start Outlook in Windows clean boot mode and then try to click on send and receive tab and check the result.
link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/929135
Note: Ensure to restart the computer in normal mode once troubleshooting is completed.

3. Sometimes the OST file becomes corrupt. Repairing the OST file can resolve the bug. As you have already tried to repair it by Inbox repair tool, so I would like to suggest you to use SysTools OST Recovery tool to overcome the problem.

I hope the above solution can work.

Thanks & Regards
Edwin Hoffer
knk53Author Commented:
Thanks everyone for your suggestions,

    I dont have time to look at this issue this morning but
we will be working on it later in the afternoon.
    Edwin -  I wasnt aware of those tools ..  thanks I will look into them.

    Many of you mentioned that Norton is not a very good Security solution.
What are your suggestions for a small office environment?????   10 users.

Malwarebytes or Sophos provide a good EPP (End Point Protection) that covers antivirus, malware, adware, ransomeware and anti-exploit coverage for small businesses at a reasonable price. I like and use Malwarebytes and control and install all end points from a server for 40 including servers. It doesn't require a lot of resources and is very versatile. Sophos is geared more for cloud base control which has some advantages but you can also install on a server if you wish. Both are competitively priced.
knk53Author Commented:
Thanks everyone for the suggestions,

   Unfortunately with pressure to get this user back in service I had to recover the Hard Disk
back to defaults and start over.    I wish I could have figured out what the problem
actually was.
knk53Author Commented:
Hi everyone,

  One more thing,   I did uninstall MS OFFICE completely then try to reinstall it before
we wiped the Hard Drive.
After the reinstall, when I started Outlook, it still had the previous mailbox settings.
Obviously the Uninstall did not completely remove all the crumbs from the machine.
That was very annoying.   I guess there needs to be some kind of Office Cleaner
to completely remove it.

John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thank you for your updates.
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