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Using REST and JavaScript to write Multiple People Picker values to ListItem people picker column

I am searching for an example of writing a listitem from a people picker control to a people column of the list.
Howard Bash
Howard Bash
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do you still need help on this one?
could you please do a screen copy of your page or just create a funny photoshop schema, I currenlty don't understand where you want to go.
Howard BashSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
I have figured out/found the techniques for this. Thanks.
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ok, please close the question. if possible after posting your solution and accept it as answer.
Howard BashSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
// Convert People Picker String to JSON Array
function UserInfoFromPP(ppID) {
	var sObj = $(ppID).val();
	var jObj = null;
	if (sObj.length>0)
		jObj = JSON.parse(sObj);
	return (jObj);

//  You need to construct a string of the form '{"results":["id1", "id2"]}'
function BuildPeepsString() {
	var jObj = UserInfoFromPP('#peoplePickerDiv_TopSpan_HiddenInput');
	var acc = '{"results":[';
	var ptr = 0;
	var id = "";
	if (jObj) {
		var len = jObj.length;
		for (ptr=0; ptr<len-1; ptr++) {
			id = GetUserProfileAttribute(jObj[ptr].Key, 'ID');
			acc = acc + '"' + id + '"' + ",";						
		id = GetUserProfileAttribute(jObj[len-1].Key, 'ID');
		acc = acc + '"' + id + '"' ;						
		acc = acc + ']}';

	return (acc);

function HelpAddPostWithParameters(pp, title, body) {
	//var peeps = '{"results":["9", "21"]}';
	var jsonObject = JSON.parse(pp);
	AddPostWithParameters('Posts', title, body, jsonObject);

function AddPostWithParameters(plistName, pTitle, pBody, pPeopleObject) {
	var itemProperties = {"Title":pTitle,"Body": pBody, "PublishedDate":new Date().toISOString(), 	
	"PeopleRecognizedId":  pPeopleObject 
	//create item
		  console.log('Post ' + entity.Title + ' has been added');

//.... on a submit added the following fragment:
               var comments = $('#txtComments').val();
		var peepsString = "";
		peepsString = BuildPeepsString();  
		var demonstratedValue = $('#hiddenDemonstratedValue').val();
		if (peepsString){		
			HelpAddPostWithParameters(peepsString, demonstratedValue, comments);

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Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:

Thank you for posting your solution and closing your question.
Howard BashSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
It solved the problem.
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