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Controlled Assessment GCSE - desperate help needed

I was wondering if I could have some assistance on my Computing GCSE. For professionals like yourself, this would be a piece of cake. However for rookies, like me, it is not and it is necessary I get the help I need.

We have been told that we are allowed to ask Computing professionals for help; please do not think that this help you could offer me would be against any regulations.

Please find attached copy of 'Task 2' and 'Task 3' for my Computing controlled assessment. I would appreciate pseudo-code and also a code that would work in the programming software 'Delphi 7'.

On a final note, please ensure that only basic things are used in both the code and the pseudo-code, i.e. simple procedures, functions, etc.

I would be extremely grateful for any help given.

Thanking you in advanced,

Kind regards


Task 2 and 3 - please help!GCSE-Controlled-Assessment-Task-2-an.JPG
Matthew Waddock
Matthew Waddock
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GCSE = General Certificate of Secondary Education.  A qualification in specific subjects typically taken by school students aged 14 to 16 in United Kingdom schools.


I am not an expert in programming, nor am I an IT professional, so I cannot help you directly with your question.  I can, however, offer you some advice based on personal experience.

For two years I went to evening classes after work at a college with a view to gaining an HND (Higher national Diploma) in computing.  Unfortunately I was made redundant from my work just after I had finished and passed my HNC (Higher national Certificate).  I was therefore unable to go for the Diploma, without which I couldn't get a "starter" job in IT and never got the chance to go back to college to pursue my ambitions.

Towards the latter part of the HNC course I had to work a lot of overtime into the late evenings and i missed out on a few college evenings while we were learning the fundamentals of the old C programming language.  I found myself unable to grasp several aspects without help, we were fast approaching the Christmas break and the end of my course, and my assignments were overdue.  In desperation to fill in the blanks I contacted a Swedish guy through a website where you pay people to write complete programs for you.  Normally people on such sites don't really care if you are cheating for an exam as long as they are paid, but I made my situation clear to this particular programmer and explained that I wanted to learn the missing chunks and write my own code after I understood them.

For a relatively small fee I liaised with him by email, firstly supplying my own pseudo-code and non-working code.  It was pretty raw and riddled with mistakes.  I was a bit embarrassed.  He confirmed the bits of code that would work and explained why certain parts were not working by amending the pseudo-code in places with relevant remarks.  After several explanations and corrections I was able to write the program because I now fully understood the fundamentals that I had missed. I gained a good mark and a pass in this subject and was glad that I had decided to work my way through the task with help rather than just pay for complete code and submit it as my own.

If you can supply your own pseudo-code and partial or full code here, even if flawed and unworkable, I am sure that there will be programming experts who can explain where you have gone astray and guide you through until you can get the code to work.  You will have to make the first move and supply something to demonstrate that you have had a go at this though.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
nice comment  :)

if you need any help with your existing code, i'll be happy to comment on it and explain why things don't work

ps: i'm not from sweden
Matthew WaddockAuthor Commented:
Thanks! I will get back to you.
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