Citrix receiver 4.3 half of the second monitor is half black

Hi All,

i have a hp laptop G3 elitebook. when i login to our Server on my laptop i can see my laptop screen but on my second monitor i have only half of the screen black. My setting in Citrix receiver is "Full Screen" and when i login the screen on the laptop keeps flickering as well.

How do i solve this issue. I have the same laptops with other users and i don't have this issue. Only with this machine.

Can you help?

mallonyIT TechnicianAsked:
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Mark GalvinManaging Director / Principal ConsultantCommented:
Have you tried the latest version of Citrix Receive which I believe is 4.5? I note you state that 4.3 works on other computers you have however there may be another software on the G3 conflicting and the 4.5 version might resolve this.

JrayPattenTech Support Specialist IIICommented:
What resolution are you running the monitors at?  Also what color level.  If I recall REceiver has a limit to the amount of video memory it can use.   If your display goes outside that limit then you can see this.
Take the Total height of your monitors x the total width x the bit depth of your color settings.  If this comes up higher than 8Mb you can have issues.  

One way to work on this is to see if the monitors (if running same resolution) are offset.  In other words in the display settings make sure that one is not slightly Higher or lower than the other and they are in line.  This will reduce the memory use assigned by reducing the total vertical height.  I have seen that help.

Also, make sure that the left-hand monitor is primary monitor and is number 1 and see if that helps.
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