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ADMT DNS registration issues

We are migrating thousands of computers via ADMT to a new domain. We have an issue where ADMT migrates the computer accounts, performs the reboot, but the computers often do not register DNS on the new domain until we perform a second reboot. ADMT performs one reboot automatically, and I cannot find a way for ADMT to perform two reboots.

I have also tried startup scripts to run ipconfig /registerdns for example, but this was not working either. The only way I am seeing successful migrations are with two reboots.

By successful migrations, I mean ADMT is reporting a success. Even with the one reboot from ADMT, the computer accounts do migrate to the new domain successfully, however ADMT will not report a success until the comptuers register DNS. I need to rely on ADMT letting me know if the migrations are successful due to the amount of computers in play here.

Any ideas on how to get ADMT to reboot the PCs twice, or how to force the computers to register DNS without a second reboot?
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