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SharePoint Online - How to create form for list and then create multiple list items from its completion?

That title may have sounded weird, but hopefully this explanation makes it easier to understand.

Imagine a form with various items on it,each with a quantity drop down.  A user might select only certain of this items to change the default quantity from 0 to a larger number.  When the form is submitted, a list entry is created for each non-zero item.  Even better, the form itself is created dynamically from another SP list with one entry on the form for each item in the list.

Let me put some icing on the cake problem set.  The user would get an email listing the items he or she selected, and in this particular case since the items will be delivered to them, would reply - or something else similar - to update the list times by changing their status from ordered to received without specifically accessing the SP list.  I know that SP online cannot have emailed enabled lists, so is there another mechanism?

I am a bit open to third party products to solve this problem.
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Walter Curtis

8/22/2022 - Mon
Walter Curtis

You describe a classic e-commerce system. Take some time and design more accurately your requirements and things will become clearer for you, and anyone assisting.

Good luck...
Larry Heimendinger

I know exactly what it would look like and operate, but I am trying to map that into SP features.  That was the intent of my question.  Anyone else, please?

I would not characterize it as classic eCommerce, but do appreciate the analogy.  It is an internal system for moving test equipment and other physical assets around based on need.
Walter Curtis

It is classic e-commerce is just an analogy based on what you describe. Basically, you have an order form that has items listed (with a pull down to select desired quantity). The order form then builds a pick list that so that the order is physically built in the warehouse, then generates a delivery order (showing details and anything that is on back order), sent to shipping, user notified of status and the mailman brings the goodies to the door.  So you aren't dealing in products and eCommerce, but from the design point of view, it is very similar.

SharePoint supports such a scenario with relational lists, lookup columns, connected web parts, BCS and some other things.

Good luck...
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William Peck
Larry Heimendinger

well yes it does.  Let me be a bit more specific.

1. How would I create a form that is populated from items in another list?  Variable in scope.
2.  How would I take a completed form and created multiple entries in an - call it an item requested - list from that single form?
3. What mechanism can I use to update a group of those created items in step 2, to wit, that they were actually received?  I want to make it very simple for the user to essentially just click that it has been done without editing each item.
Michael Vasilevsky

Since this is SharePoint Online you're going to be using JavaScript - what you're describing cannot be done out-of-the-box.

1. Run some JavaScript that generates an HTML form using REST or CSOM
2. On form submit populate an existing SharePoint list or create a new one
3. Some custom HTML with JavaScript could do this

Hope this helps!
Larry Heimendinger

Thank you.  Yeah, afraid of that.  I hung up my coding spurs years ago, just do a bit of HTML here and there but nothing elaborate.  I don't have a clue as to how to do #1 - run some JavaScript using REST or CSOM.  Don't know of REST to connect to or how to get it to run JS either!  Same goes for #2.

Would you be able to point me to some links that I might use to cookbook a solution?  If I get it to be a basic solution I can probably hack out a form

Then I would be onto the next issue:  how to take the submitted form and create multiple list entries from the fields on the form.  And lastly, of course, a way to get a response from a user that they did not receive the items so the list rows could be updated without individual editing.  At least I am not asking for much.
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Walter Curtis

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Larry Heimendinger

Thanks I am looking at some JavaScript in REST articles now.  As in so many posts like those, they leave out a lot of steps assuming one knows them:  essentially how to get started in the first place, and then concentrate on the particular JS code.  I appreciate your assistance.
Walter Curtis