Connect both a projector and TV to laptop

Posted on 2016-10-27
Last Modified: 2016-11-12
Our church has this setup where our laptop is connected to both however a problem has arose

The tv we had, spoilt and now we got a new one, the problem with the new TV is that this new TV does not have vga, but it has hdmi only.

The people who set it up previously had put a vga splitter near to the laptop and everything worked

Now we can't seem to get this to work with the new TV

We bought an hdmi and connected it to the tv and to the laptop and it only shows if we put the laptop on duplicate!

When it goes on duplicate the projector cuts off and only the new TV shows

How can we get it to show on both??

Do we need to buy another splitter or something??
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Assisted Solution

by:Mal Osborne
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Many laptops have similar limitations, it is common to have 3 video outputs(including the inbuilt LCD), but only be able to drive 2.

It is possible to purchase a device that connects to a USB port, and gives you an extra video output. These devices are inexpensive, but give a pretty lethargic extra video output. It is fine for anything that does not require fast video, so running Word is just fine, but don't even try modern games.

Here is one such device:
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Expert Comment

ID: 41863430
I can help. But your explanation confuses me.
You said that the new TV has HDMI only, no other audio/video input, is that right?
It is strange, because the new TVs have all kind of inputs.
Nevertheless let’s consider only HDMI input for TV.
Then you mentioned that you have a laptop, but you di not say what type/brand/model of laptop.
What audio/video outputs do you have for that laptop?
One VGA and one HDMI?
For example some still have DVI or my laptop has DispalyPort and I could use one like this.
What about yours? If you do not know, then tell me at least the model of your laptop.
You never said a word about what audio/video inputs of the projector. What inputs/cable are available?
You did not mention if you need also audio to be sent to TV and projector besides video.
You said “We bought an hdmi and connected it”, what do you mean by “hdmi” here? A cable, a connector, a converter, another device?
From your explanations here “The people who set it up previously had put a vga splitter near to the laptop and everything worked” I can only understand that before everything was on VGA, the old TV and the projector and the output from laptop and now you are in trouble because of the HDMI input  from the new TV. Is that right?
Do you have a chance to change the cables type, in case were VGA with HDMI for example?
What is the distance between laptop and TV, laptop to projector and TV to projector?
How are the cables installed between these 3 devices? Is it laptop to VGA splitter and then from VGA splitter to TV and to projector? That is all?
How much money are you allowed to spent to make it run properly?

If I got it right and only the new TV is not compatible with your old video connection, then maybe the simplest solution is to get an VGA to HDMI adapter:

But if would be me with a bit of money, then I would go HDMI. That implies new HDMI cables in case the installation is with VGA, a new HDMI splitter and in case the projector is old and has only VGA then you need HDMI to VGA adapter.
There are a lot of way how you can do it. For example some TVs or even projectors have outputs for video and audio and then depending by connectors you may go from laptop to TV and from TV to projector or from laptop to projector and from projector to TV.
There is also a wireless solution, without cables at all. I use Google Chromecast for my projector for example, but depends by distance and if the usage of the cast functionality is suitable to your applications.
1st answer some questions above and then we can go into the details to find the best solution for you.

Author Comment

ID: 41864093
i will havee to go in church to get those answers for you

but tell me something

if i try connecting vga straight to projector from laptop and  hdmi straight from laptop to tv will that work??

or would i need a next kind of splitter or something

right now we have a vga splitter alone
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Expert Comment

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Your question is if the laptop can send the same video to VGA and HDMi simultaneously. Is that right?
Depends by the graphic video card possibilities/properties.
But it may be possible.
What laptop do you have and what graphic card? Do you use a docking station?

Author Comment

ID: 41864555
it is a dell inspiron 5520
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 41865142
I tried to check the specs of your laptop and its video graphic card:
For example here on page 4 we see the graphic card:
Can you check which one is yours? Is it Intel HD graphics?
As here described under specs?

Most of the time you can output the video to 2 monitors, meaning:
-      Laptop monitor and one external, either VGA or HDMI
-      VGA and HDMI, but not laptop monitor.
I think you need all 3: laptop screen, VGA and HDMI.
Not all the graphics cards support 3 monitors.
Basically if you have Windows, then press “Windows key + P” to cycle through monitors and if you do not have the option for 3 monitors when both VGA and HDMI are connected and with power on (projector + TV) then you are limited by your graphic card to only 2 outputs as described above.
I expect you need to see the contents on the laptop screen/monitor. Then you have only one option for external video: VGA or HDMI, not both at the same time.
For example this guy:
He sends VGA and HDMI and uses the 3rd monitor with USB to VGA or HDMI, but the laptop screen is off.
There are all kind of additional hardware as this one:
Or other USB 3.0 to HDMI or whatever.
In your case, because the church is usually not full of money, I would try the cheapest solution. That means to maintain the existing cables and gears, splitter and because the new TV is the “intruder” with the HDMI, then I would use VGA to HDMI connector. Or if has SCART or RCA video, then just use VGA to SCART or VGA to RCA video. I guess the projector does not use audio (is without incorporated speakers) and the audio signal is sent to audio amplifiers, big speakers.

Here are some links that I have read:

But if the church offers you a minimum budget, then you may upgrade the video connections, cables, splitters and adapters to HDMI, which is superior to VGA. Then you would need HDMI to VGA converter for projector. It is a preparing step for the moment when your projector will fail, because the new projectors have HDMI.
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Expert Comment

ID: 41884659
How did you solve the problem?
Can we close the present question?
Or do you still need time to try?

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