What network switches should I use for Fiber WAN project

The company I work for is in the process of changing the network from individual branches connected by Site-to-Site VPN over Coax Cable internet connections to a Fiber WAN provided by the Fiber Internet provider (Charter).  All 5 branches will have either 20Meg or 10Meg Fiber inter connections with all branches sharing a 100Meg Internet pipe at the Main Brach.  Attached is a pdf of how I believe everything will be connected.

They need to be Layer 3 capable.  POE is optional.  The two small branches can run on 24ports, the larger 3 branches all need 48 ports or more.  Initially I've been looking at either HP 2920 or Cisco 3650 models.  Would these be good choices or is there something better I should look for.  Do I need a more powerful switch at the main location since all the internet traffic will be flowing through it.
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masnrockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should be fine with what you're thinking, especially given that the branches are as small as they are.
About how many users are at all of the branches? I'm assuming all of the servers are at the main location. Do any branches host any special systems?
remmett70Author Commented:
The two small branches have 5-10 users plus a few network printers, The others range from 15-25 users plus printers.  Servers are a VM system with the primaries in the main branch with DR backups replicating to one of the other larger branches.  The branches do most of their work through Remote Desktop Services also.

No special systems at the branches.
remmett70Author Commented:
Thanks for the confirmation.
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