Multiple Edits to change a name in Conditional Formatting Excel 2010

I have a timesheet worksheet that has a column formatted "if cell = clientx then blue or if cell = client y then red....."

There are 120 cells covered by this rule.

One of the my clients has changed their name, and from what I have seen the only way to change the name in all instances is to edit them individually in "Manage Rules" in conditional formatting.  Is there an easier way?

If they were formula's I'd just use search and replace
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ioaneConnect With a Mentor Planning & Analytics ManagerCommented:
Hi mbkitmgr,

I think I understand now. You will need one conditional format per customer.

Highlight the entire column and set format for each client individually.
E.g. if cell = clientx then blue

This will mean only one format needs to change if customer name changes.

Does this make sense?
Wayne Taylor (webtubbs)Commented:
No, there's not a built-in Find/Replace for Conditional Formatting rules. You could probably write a macro to look through all your rules but by the time you do that you could have edited them manually anyway.
ioanePlanning & Analytics ManagerCommented:
Hi mbkitmgr,

You should be able to create a single rule to cover all cells.

Just select all cells in the column, then create the conditional format on all cells at once.
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mbkitmgrAuthor Commented:

No each cell has to have different formatting
ioanePlanning & Analytics ManagerCommented:
I'm confused why you would use conditional formatting if every cell is different.

Can you post an example of your workbook so I can get a better read on what you are trying to do?
mbkitmgrAuthor Commented:
I have about 30 Odd regular customers who I record in the time sheet, which is 40 pages long and each is colour coded in the way shown.

In the example I wanted to find an easier way to change the rules governing the cells that contain the customer name, as one of my clients has renamed the company.
E.g. Acme Computer are changing their name to Microsoft Engineering
mbkitmgrAuthor Commented:
Hi Ioane,

Sure does make sense. I was concerned about the impact on the cell where the Task Description field exists which also has conditional formatting, but as it turns out it is fine.

Many thanks
mbkitmgrAuthor Commented:
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