iPhone Unable to Move Message

I am using hotmail / windows live mail on my IPhone and recently keep on happening that when I remove the mail from my iPhone, it keeps on saying that "Unable to Move Message" but that email I have already been removed from the web version of hotmail. I tried to delete account before and the problem solved, but it now happen again. Any better fix rather than have to delete the account every time?
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mawinghoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I am using iOS10. I found the solution to solve this problem.

Disable the Mail function of the email account on iPhone's Setting.
Then kill the iPhone Mail app, and then launch again and let it refresh.
After that, kill the iPhone Mail app again and go back to Setting and turn on the Mail function of the email account.
Jackie ManCommented:
What is the iOS version and model of iPhone?
mawinghoAuthor Commented:
I found the solution and tested it. It works.
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