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Hi all!

In our company we have decided to move forward and try different tools to monitor our IT infrastructure along with our business activity. We are looking for a holistic software able to allow us to monitor since the network and machines status (bandwidth, ram, hard disk, cpu, ...) to the state of our business processes. We have around 300 servers and we use different technologies such as Windows, AIX, Linux and HP-UX.
We run different applications, some are open source like MySQL, Apache and JBoss and other are enterprise solutions like Oracle, IBM Workflow, Message Broker, IBM Websphere, Tibco, ...
Apart from network, application and server monitoring we would like to monitor our public web sites, which are fully HTML developed in a proprietary architecture based on Java and public sited developed in Wordpress.

I have found some resources mentioning different network monitoring tools such as this article: Here there are many choices (best 16 network monitoring tools). However I am missing some solutions such as HP Openview, BMC or CA.

Said this, we would like to get from insight from some experts in the monitoring industry. After reviewing the best 16 network monitoring tools, I would like to know whether those solutions can scale and monitor above networks, servers and applications or should we move to HP Openview, BMC or CA.?

At this moment we have developed our own monitoring solution, which is quite old and we have to replace with a new one solution.

Thanks for this
Victor FernandezAsked:
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Bryant SchaperCommented:
I will throw a few names into the hat that I have used:

1.  ManageEngine OpManager
2.  Paeesler PRTG
3.  Solarwinds Orion

Each are solid products for what you may be needing, and I would highly suggest you demo any solution.  ManageEngine has been our tool for years, but as of late their most current release has been a bit buggy.

PRTG is also a fallback tool for us, It is priced per sensor.  The only negative I have with it is the lack of a workflow engine to schedule tasks or respond to an event, such as a down service that you want to restart.  ManageEngine has this though.  

It has been awhile for Solarwinds, but in the past it has been a great monitoring tool.
Victor FernandezAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this Bryant. I appreciate your best three tools proposition.
Kimberley from PaesslerPRTG Product EvangelistCommented:
Thanks for the mention, Bryant!

@Victor:  PRTG would be a good fit for the network and server monitoring part of your requirements.  Depending on how deep you would like to monitor the applications, PRTG may or may not be the best tool here.  For applications, PRTG can monitor whether TCP/UDP ports are open, whether processes are running, and the response time for, say, accessing a web page.  But we don't have any instrumentation inside the code itself, so we can't give you details about which function calls are taking too long.

If you'd like to give PRTG a try, we offer a free 30-day trial version with full functionality and unlimited sensors.  And our presales and tech support teams are available to help during the trial period.
Kimberley from PaesslerPRTG Product EvangelistCommented:
> PRTG is also a fallback tool for us, It is priced per sensor.  The only negative I have with it
> is the lack of a workflow engine to schedule tasks or respond to an event, such as a down
> service that you want to restart.  

Just want to add a comment to this...

It would be overkill to call it a workflow engine, but PRTG does include the ability to respond automatically to events.  You can use a "script notification" that will run any script you specify in response to a problem, so you can automatically restart services, reboot machines, force a VM migration, etc.  Basically, anything you can script, you can do.

Running scheduled tasks is also possible, but a bit of an "abuse" of PRTG.  Some customers use script sensors to run scheduled tasks, because you can specify what time a sensor should run.  You set up a script sensor that has your task in the script, schedule a time for the sensor to run, and you now have a scheduled task.  You can just ignore/throw away the result that the script returns to PRTG, or you can use the result to trigger alerts if something went wrong with your scheduled task.  It's not the most elegant way to set up scheduled tasks, but it works.
It is pricey, but SolarWinds is a powerful tool for network and server monitoring.
Javier EduardoCommented:
Hi Victor!

I am happy to read you got a good source. Let me help you with some recommendations.

After reading your description, there is no doubt you have a large infrastructure and there is an interesting mix of technologies. The solution you are looking for is not easy to solve. You need a global monitor to monitor networks, applications, servers and even business processes. Wow, here you have a great issue. As far as I know, the software you mention in your question (from the source you add) are not able to offer the global picture you are asking for.

There is only one solution you can try, and it is Pandora FMS. You also mentioned three other tools which can compite with Pandora FMS, HP OpenView, BMC and CA.

Those 4 tools can help you to deal with the project you are managing. You should contact all of those companies and ask for demos.

My recommendation is going to Pandora FMS. It is composed by only one license and module to monitor everything you need. However, please, feel free to contact the other companies and ask for a demo.

Hope it helps

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Victor FernandezAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for your comments. At this moment we are testing Pandora FMS and we are having some conversations with Artica.

I will go back to you with the result of the demo

Javier EduardoCommented:
Some solutions have been showed. There is a huge range of options. Victor has not showed the result of its testing.
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