How to extract back songs to MP3 files

I remember the songs that were burnt into my CD (though I can't recall
what software I used to do the burning) were all previously MP3 files
(*.mp3) & my car's player indicated "MP3" too.

The car's player broke down & I replaced with one that only takes in
microSD & USB: I want back the mp3 files but when I used Win Explorer
to view the CD, it can't view the CD.

How can I extract them out to transfer to a microSD / thumb drive?
Let me know any freeware needed.

This CD is still good because when I insert into my home CD player,
it plays
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
These are mp3 I have given you sunhux audio only??  that's not illegal to play audio :)
 They are not mp4 video,
I have these mp3 on my external 4 terrabyte  USB drive, I store all my stuff on them.
Collected these tracks over many years bought the Cd's etc I love these tracks quite a few classics and I have enjoyed listening to them as well.
Check my Google Drive URL again they are all there. 
I'm uploading the last of those from External dive now, I have 3  more drives each 4 terrabyte. One for music one for video one for programs and pictures.
I converted my CD's and LP long ago as space became a problem and storing them on USB was far better and no risk of damage. Every 5 years or so I replace the drives.
Now I just buy the digital versions then copy to the Music drive.
My Spare driveAll mp3 on my Google drive
All mp3 on my Google driveDB click one to play it then click on the download arrow top right, it's my pleasure and is simple enough for me to do.
Download arrowYes the image you posted indicates it should be fine, it states My Disc F, open it from there. right click it and open
what do you see?
I dont know how you were viewing them here>I used Win Explorer to view the CD, it can't view the CD.,
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Btw, if I issue at command prompt  "chkdsk f:"   ,
it says it's a RAW partition
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
You're talking about "ripping" the CD, and what format you rip it to (MP3, WAV, etc) depends on the software you use and the options it affords you.  

Windows Media Player will rip CDs to MP3.  Just launch Media Player and drop your CD in the drive.  You should be asked about (or Media Player will automatically start) ripping the CD to your hard drive.  Once the MP3 files are on your hard drive, you can copy them to your SD card.
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Paul SauvéConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
what do you see when you insert the cd in your cd reader on your PC?

if it is a list like this, then you have to 'rip' the list
if the list is song names, then copy them directly to the new devicesong list
William FulksConnect With a Mentor Systems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
iTunes will also rip CDs for you and put them into your iTunes library. If you've got "mix tapes" then you can use something like EZ CD Extractor to get them all. You may have to relabel all your songs, though.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
I don't see .cda files (years ago I used Kongsoft software to convert to this format)
but for this particular piece of CD, don't see any files on it & chkdsk reported it
as RAW.

as these are very old songs & I don't intend to subscribe to any service to get them,
still hoping to recover the songs.

Will check tonight using Media Player
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Windows Media Player can't even detect the drive;  at least Win Explorer could
detect the F: drive but can't list the CD's content

Any other tools to try?
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
I mentioned two apps in my comment. See what iTunes can do with it.
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may have used cdex sunhux, for your knowledge base, the reason windows explorer can't see the files on an AUDIO CD is because they are just raw data ( .CDA format)

You say it can't even detect the drive?
Does windows detect the DVD rom?
It maybe getting old if not.
Please confirm the cd/dvd rom is detect on my computer so we can determine if it is the rom drive or the disc.
If the drive itself is toes up no software will see the disc.
Is the CD disc clean? If and when a film of muck is built over the surface using isopropyl alcohol on a clean cotton cloth or soft paper will remove any oily handling.
You should be seeing this when the rom drive is empty and functioning,
DVD rom in my computerLet me know which songs you need I probably have a copy of them and can send them to you via dropbox or Google drive
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
My Computer    detects the drive.  I recall years back, on another audio CD, I cud see the *.cda files in it but a CD can hold something like a max of 15 files in it only while this same capacity 650MB CD hold abt 80 songs.  A Philips tabletop n JVC car  player cud still play it.

Thanks Merete for the offer, will try to recover them first.   Testing out iTunes next
sunhux, yes audio CD redbook standards,, will only hold the time of the audio, The 74-minute playing time of a CD, they alos hold DRM so that a Lookup is done to Gracenotes which automatically list the title and author..
However a data CD and MP3 CD can hold hundreds of mp3.
If the files had been on a data /mp3 CD  they are stored exactly as is on your PC and can be copied off as, CDA CANNOT.
They must be played in a media player and extracted converted to mp3, which others have mentioned.
iTunes can take these CDA and convert to mp3
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the patience.  The CD's surface is clean: no scratches, no spots/stains.
Anyway, I rewipe it with a soft cloth.

iTunes did not detect it.   Nero's "BackItUp" detected it like Win Explorer as
"F: My Disc" but could not see anything in it.

Some of the songs on it:
a) Elvis Presley's  Falling in Love
b) Bee Gees'        Massachusetts
c) Bee Gees'        How Deep is Your Love
d) .....                   I had My Time of My Life
e) .....                   Land Down Under
f) ....                     Everything I Own

Found them in youtube
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Oops, what's in youtube are still mp4, not mp3
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes but using YTB downloader there is a setting to convert to mp3 with the downloading, with the pro version there another tab where any files on your HDD can  also be converted.
YTB downloaderI have those tracks sunhux, just list them all and I'll post them for you to redownload. No effort for me really
Here are the 6  just click on my link and see the download when you play 
a) Elvis Presley's  Falling in Love
b) Bee Gees'        Massachusetts
c) Bee Gees'        How Deep is Your Love
Who does these? As there are various artists who replicate them. I've got these versions
d) .....                   I had My Time of My Life?>Dirty Dancing Time Of My Life.
e) .....                   Land Down Under? is this from Men At Work ?I'm an Ozzie
f) ....                     Everything I Own?> Bread?  I loove this track.

If you want to play them in your car but your stereo doesn't support mp3 discs or data disc buy an fm transmitter usb player, shop around as they come pretty cheap and work really good as I use one. Saves on CD'S
 stick all your mp3 music in a USB stick plug into FM mp3 player plug the fm mp3 into the cigarette lighter tune the FM radio to the FM mp3 player
On Amazon as I am in Australia
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Yes, my car's new player is just USB or microSD, no CD.
Just for curiosity/educational purpose, attached the Win Exp screen showing the CD but with no content.
Tried 2 laptops, same result.

Not legal for me to play mp4 while driving.

d) .....           I had My Time of My Life?>Dirty Dancing : yes, this is the artiste
e) .....           Land Down Under? is this from Men At Work ? yes, this is the artiste
                                                               (hello there, it's spring time there)
f) ....             Everything I Own?> Bread?  : yes, this is the artiste
g) Christopher Cross'     Arthur's Theme
h) Natalie Cole's      Miss U Like Crazy
i)  Bread's   Make It with U
j)  .....     I'd like to teach the world to sing  (don't know the artiste)
k) Cathy Dennis'   Too Many Walls
l)  Air Supply's  All out of Love
m) Bee Gees'  Spicks & Specks
n) Living in a Box's   Room in Yr Heart
o) Modern Talkg's  Brother Louie

(will list more later)
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
a) Vanessa Willams -  Save the best for the last
b) Engelbert Humperdinck - The Last Waltz
c) Los Lobos   - La Bamba
d) Air supply - Making Love out of nothing at all
e) Air supply- Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)
f) Air supply - Goodbye
g) Air supply - Even the nights are better
h) Heart  - Alone
i) Michael Jackson - U are not alone
j) Jennifer Rush - Power of Love
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much Merete.   Guess we'll ignore my CD issue.
For those songs you don't have, just skip them, don't bother
to hunt

1 Alan Parsons : Eye in the sky
2 Kaoma :  Lambada
3 Elton John: Sacrifice
4 Mariah Carey: Hero  &  Without You (with Peabo)
5 Kenny Rogers: The Gambler
6 Toto:  Africa  &   I'll be over you
7 Hawaii-5 O theme song
8 Air Supply: The One U Love
9 Anne Murray: U needed me
10 Barbara Streissand: Woman In Love
11 Elvis Presley: Cant Help falling in Love
12 De Barge: Rhythm of the night
13 De Barge: Who's Holding Donna Now
14 Karen Carpenter: Yesterday Once More
15 Diana Ross & Julio Iglesias: All of you
16 Engelbert Humperdinck: Release Me
17 F.R. David :  Words (Don't Come Easy)
18 Irene Cara: Flashdance what a feeling
19 Fleetwood Mac: Little Lies
20 Gloria Gaynor  : I will survive
21 Reo Speedwagon: Cant fight this feeling anymore
22 Richard Marx: Endless Summer;  Angelia;  Right Here Waiting
23 Rick Ashley : Never gonna give you up
24 Ricky Martin: Livin La Vida Loca
25 Glen Medeiros: Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for you
26 Laura Branigan: Self Control
27 Linda Ronstadt, Aaron Neville: Don't know much
28 Lobo: How can I tell her
29 Los del rio : Macarena
30 Roberta Flack: Killing me softly
31 Phil Colins: Another day Paradise
32 Roxette: The Look
33 Heart: These Dreams
34 John Parr : St Elmo's Fire
35 Stylistics: Cant give u anything but my love;  You make me feel brand new
36 Charlene: I've never been to me
37 Simon Garfunkel: Sound of Silence;  Condor Pasa (If I could)
38 Cascades: Raindrop keep dropping on my head
39 Frances Yip: Shanghai Beach
40 Human League: Electric Dreams
41 Starship: Nothing's gonna stop us now
42 the Animals: House of the rising Sun
43 the Bangles: Eternal Flame
44 Wet wet wet: Love is all around
45 Donna Summer: Hot Stuff
46 Whitney Houston : Saving all my love for you;  Greatest Love of all
Oh wow we have such similar taste in music. I have/ had most of these on Vinyl / CD's  the complete albums. Love Toto and Air supply all of them really.
One of them didn't have Mariah Carey rather Regina Belle & Peabo Bryson   - Without You
I dont have Frances Yip: Shanghai Beach

I used to buy the movie sound tracks that's how I got them back in the young days lol thanks for the memory lane
All I did was to do a folder search for that track in each of my albums quite quickly finds them.
Have given you a couple more since I was in the memory lane folder
All I Have To Do Is Dream - Everly Brothers
Righteous Brothers - UNCHAINED MELODY - GHOST
Spandau Ballet - True
I have many many more a few terrabytes "grins:
check the URL again they all there now.
Sunhux Please let me know when you have downloaded them :)
That entire  lot was 588 megs which could be burnt to a Data CD 750 megs  and they will remian mp3
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete, thanks you may clear them away
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