Microsoft Dynamics Print Management sending out statements to the wrong customer emails.

We are seeing statements being sent out to the wrong customers

1. Issue was discovered 11.02.2016.

2. Customer A they received Customer  b's statement.

That statement had no data on it.

So the issue seems to be we are sending out blank data to the wrong customers.

AX Print Management is pulling the wrong customer data.
Robert BrownIT ManagerAsked:
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Damon ReptonConnect With a Mentor Owner\DirectorCommented:
Is this AX2012??

This could be CIL issues, try compiling CIL, also worth doing a full X++ compile
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
Is the wrong email address set as primary on the customer contact details???
Robert BrownIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
No..correct customer email is setup for the correct customer.

Seems like a corruption of the database or the program.

We can send out individual using the Print Management Destination, and it works fine.

When we run the program as a batch job it is malfunctioning.
Robert BrownIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Yes 2012 R2.
Robert BrownIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank you I will pass this idea along to out consultants. Thanks again!
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