Windows XP - no focus on new windows


A user is experiencing a weird phenomenon
At first I thought that it was linked to the mail client but after analysing, testing, updating,
I have come to realize that it is Windows itself which is off

When one opens a new window, this new window loses the focus as soon as I click on it with the mouse
The only way to return focus to the windows is to click on its presence on the task bar below
I can use the keyboard when the window is active, it's just the mouse that is causing this issue

I can navigate the start menu without issues with the mouse; it's just with windows that the mouse problem appears

I updates the BIOS, reinstalled the Lenovo USB mouse driver, ran SFC: the general windows mouse issue seems to have disappeared now but the email Thunderbird window issue still remains

When the user opens Thunderbird and then clicks to write a new email, the new email window appears but the focus is on Thunderbird's main, window, not on the new email window; to fix this I must click on the window's 'presence' on the taskbar to properly enable the window and write the email

The fix is only partial because everything on the new email's title bar doesn't react to my mouse clicks (even the minimize, maximize or close window buttons)

any ideas ?
Yann ShukorOwnerAsked:
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Yann ShukorConnect With a Mentor OwnerAuthor Commented:
We have decided to replace the computer; problem solved
Try another Mouse. I've seen Mice that have been used a lot where the buttons won't work properly anymore, for example they act as if you are clicking more than once rather than a single click. That is because the switch is getting worn.
Yann ShukorOwnerAuthor Commented:
I even experience the issue when controlling the PC via Teamviewer
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then check the settings of the mouse's driver. Maybe you have something in the control panel, or if you installed a 3rd party mouse driver tool it may have it's own control panel which is set to work differently than normal.
Yann ShukorOwnerAuthor Commented:
nothing there

I personally believe that it is either the registry and/or Windows system files that are corrupt
you may reboot and make screenshots (or printouts) of current services started, current programs and features, device manager and tasklist. then make a full backup of the current Windows

if done, go back to a former restore point before the issue had occurred and check whether the problems are gone.

if no, the problems most likely come from hardware or corrupted system files.

if yes, you probably are happy with this and could install important updates or needed programs until the system is up-to-date.

if the restore point was too old to be used as a new base for a clean system, you would need to find out the differences regarding services, programs, and drivers, then restore the backup (check whether the issue still exists) and then disable or uninstall each different module, until you found the bad component or malware.

Yann ShukorOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sara

I don't there are restore points on WinXP systems

I did reinstall SP3, but that unfortuantely didn't help

I just ran an SFC /PURGECACHE and SFC /SCANONCE to see if that will clean things up

...waiting for the results

sarabandeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't there are restore points on WinXP systems

did you look? I would think that XP also made a backup of the registry before SP3 was installed.

note, if your issues are because of malware, you could try to kill suspicious processes or unknown services started or remove unknown Tasks from Run Key in the registry.

Yann ShukorOwnerAuthor Commented:
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