QODBC: Modify all existing invoices, item, description fields

I am new to QODBC but not SQL.  I am trying to eliminate manual data entry for a special project for my company.

On every invoice in our system, or each "Item" on each invoice, there is text field called "Description".  I need to replace the text that is currently in the "Description" field with the text "service".  See attachment for an example.

I want to update every invoice in our quickbooks database like this.  We need todo this, because we have private information in that text field, and I need to provide a copy of my quickbooks database to a 3rd party.

What would be the QODBC code to accomplish this?  I am open to another method (besides QODBC).  I just need to get this done ASAP.  I have also posted a freelance job post on upwork to see if I can pay someone to code this for me.

Thank you ahead of time for your help.
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Bill BachPresidentCommented:
You can do this with a simple UPDATE statement, but it might take a real long time to run.  First, determine which item descriptions you want to change -- I expect that this will be only for some Items, and not absolutely EVERYTHING.  Second, determine the item ID for the item(s) that you want to change.  Once you have that, then the rest is easy:
    UPDATE InvoiceLine
    SET InvoiceLineDesc = 'Service'
    WHERE InvoiceLineItemRefListId = 'the_item_ID';
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