Powershell script

Requirements of the script:

Input: Display name, alias or SMTP address of a mailbox
Output:  Can be selected by user which is one of the properties of the command "Get-Mailbox -Identity <username> |fl "

Example for Output selection by user: ExtensionCustomAttribute1
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QlemoConnect With a Mentor Batchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
We can use Excel - if really needed. But it is not recommended, as access is slow. Better, and probably what you really want, is the use of CSV files as Jason mentioned above. Though using a single column CSV is overkill; you usually leave out the column header and store as text file then.

Mixing CSV in/output with an interactive grid view for the attributes choice (even allowing for selecting multiple attributes):
$attr = '*'
$forcedAttr = 'DisplayName', 'UserPrincipalName', 'Database', 'WhenCreated'
Import-CSV C:\Temp\EE\Users.csv |
  % {
    $mb = Get-Mailbox $_.{Display Name} -Filter $attr
    if ($attr -eq '*')   # we need to show an attribute choice opportunity once
      $attr = $mb | Get-Member -Type Property | Select Name |
                    ? { $forcedAttr -notcontains $_.Name } | 
                    Out-GridView -OutputMode Multiple -Title "Select attributes to export"
      $attr = $forcedAttr + $attr
    $mb | select $attr  
  } |
  Export-CSV -NoType C:\Temp\EE\Results.csv

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With some more effort we can display example values (of the first mailbox) when showing the grid, or exclude attributes which should never be exportable.
Jason CrawfordTransport NinjaCommented:
I'm trying to understand what the requirements are and I'm having a hard time.  Do you need a GUI?  Should a list of all possible parameters for Get-Mailbox exist in something like a drop down menu?
AndyIt ConsultantCommented:

As a basic script you can do something like this:
$UserInputName = Read-Host "`t`tPlease enter the user displayname"
$AttributeInput = Read-Host "`t`tPlease enter the required attribute"
get-mailbox -identity $UserInputName | select $AttributeInput
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AndyConnect With a Mentor It ConsultantCommented:

I've updated with the other requirements for you.
This is all using the Exchange Shell, hence the import of the AD module
Import-Module ActiveDirectory

$UserDispName = Read-Host "`t`tPlease enter the user displayname"
$AttributeInput = Read-Host "`t`tPlease enter the required attribute"
get-mailbox -identity $UserInputName | select $AttributeInput

$userAlias = Read-Host "`t`tPlease enter the user Alias"
$UserADAlias = Get-ADUser -Filter {mailNickName -eq $userAlias} | %{$_.SamAccountName}
$AttributeInput = Read-Host "`t`tPlease enter the required attribute"
get-mailbox -identity $UserADAlias | select $AttributeInput

$usermail = Read-Host "`t`tPlease enter the user e-mail address"
$UserADName = Get-ADUser -Filter {Emailaddress -eq $usermail} | %{$_.SamAccountName}
$AttributeInput = Read-Host "`t`tPlease enter the required attribute"
get-mailbox -identity $UserADName | select $AttributeInput
get-ADuser -F ($_.Name -eq "Todd")I.T. ManagerCommented:
I read like Jason did.  Needing a GUI?   Close as I can get.

# GUI version using Input Box.  This is for the alias.

[System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName('Microsoft.VisualBasic') | Out-Null
	$ClientUser = [Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction]::InputBox("Please enter users alias", "Enter")

	Get-Mailbox -Filter * -Identity $clientUser -ResultSize unlimited | select name, customattribute1 |Out-GridView

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Exchange AdminAuthor Commented:
Hi Todd and Jason,

Thanks for your response. The requirement is a powershell script which should meet the below criteria:

      An excel file with a set of users (which could be either email address or alias or display name) is provided to script during its run time as input.
     Script should prompt user to select the output which could be any attributes of Get-mailbox command result. And the selection of user can be one or many
    If mailbox is not present, output should be "Not found"

Please check the attachment.

Jason CrawfordTransport NinjaCommented:
Just to make sure I'm on the same page.  A .csv file containing one column populated with rows of users will be provided.  The script should import the list of users, then display a full list of all parameters for the Get-Mailbox cmdlet (I'm guessing a numbered list).  The user will enter the number mapped to the parameter they want included in the output.  For each user in the .csv file the script will run Get-Mailbox and gather the pre-selected parameters.  I assume you want the output to be a ,csv file on the desktop?  Is that all right?
Exchange AdminAuthor Commented:
Hi Jason,

You are correct, but the output selection by user is not a number. User can enter the parameter required by them during run of script. And this parameter can be one or many.

Exchange AdminAuthor Commented:
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