Internet explorer 11 won't download files

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I have an issue that keeps popping up in IE 11 on Win 7. System is full patched. When I try to download a file from any site the filename automatically changes to the below or similar. When I select save I get an error the file cannot be downloaded. I have done the usual scan the system, reset IE settings, cccleaner etc and made sure do not save encrypted pages to disk but I still can't get it working. Other browsers are fine.

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Try to uninstall an reinstall ie.

Did you scan with anti virus?


Already tried a re-install machine scanned for malware and AV all clean. This issue is only happening for gmail
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There seem to have been several issues between Gmail and IE in the past. The following link refers to IE9, but I've found several references to the same method working in IE11. I'm providing this link because it actually describes how to locate the "do not save encrypted pages to disk" option in Internet Options.

I hope this helps.
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IE 11 downloads everything for me.

Go to IE, tools, internet options, advanced and click on Reset. Select everything top and bottom half.

Exit out and do not restart.

Go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, Windows Features and uncheck IE. NOW restart.

Go back and enable IE but do not restart. Do a full shut down. Now start up and test.

If you still have issues, uninstall the AV temporarily and test again.
Just a side idea I find when the temp IE files have reached capacity of the settings set for IE
The downloads don't and pages may not open either try deleting your temp files and  history
Click the gear top right and delete browsing
Click the Tools and internet options
In the homepage clear that and type in about blank then at the bottom apply dont use the other's like Use Current or Use default
On the general Tab>tick to delete browsing history on exit,  if you dont mind deleting them manually dont change that.
Next to that is Settings> Disc Space to use maybe set at 250 megs I have mine at 900 megs to cover some of the downloads as they maybe big. If you have plenty of  HDD space add more if you download big files then empty your cache.
Disc space IE
So this issue seemed to be down to when a machine installs updates but has not been rebooted. I usually put my machine into sleep mode each night. As soon as I rebooted and allowed the updated to complete it worked!
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