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Does anyone have experience with novabackup or macrium computer backup program

I know choosing a backup solution is difficult even thought most experts based on my search in this exchange recommend acronis (I am not sure how Acronis manage to get their name in the topic list out of any other backup solution) or paragon, what attracts me about  novabackup is their offering "unlimited phone in and email support. You have unlimited access to tech staff for any issue you may encounter. With our local, one-on-one support engineers"

I currently have storagecraft and the backup fails, which is ok there is no backup that will never make issues, but their support is terrible, you need to open a ticket online it takes till thy get back to you and only by email then you replay, and so it goes back and fort, its days without a backup and time consuming on troubleshooting.

About macrium I found a amazing Feature and vary important, that it does self testing. (which is included in their free addition)

My question does who use this product are had experience with it, what is your opinion? what are the pro and cons you notices?
Abraham Deutsch
Abraham Deutsch
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Thomas Zucker-ScharffSystems AnalystCommented:
I have used Novabackup.  We used it for about 1.5 years.  I liked the software and the reasons we changed have more to do with the hardware it came with failing than with the software.  You should know that portions of NB are licensed from Paragon, at least they were 3 years ago when I was using it.

I am one of the strong proponents of backup in all forms.  I heartily believe that paragon makes excellent software.  That said, there are many great backup programs out there.  As long as you have DR and file backup, tested and in more than one place physically and geographically (I have several backups, one of which is always on my person, one is at work in our data center, one is in the cloud AND all have been tested).  I also have clones of all user boot drives (physical and virtual).  I may be a little crazy about this, but I have learned from experience that one can never have too many backups (just make sure they are all the same, otherwise you are screwed).
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Backup solution providers are good before you pay the money. It is like a car dealer. Till you sign an agreement and pay the money - you are a king. After that - they don't want to know you. So if you do not have a real experience with the software provider - don't trust in ads promising you 25 hours support 366 days per year :)
Better to be with a provider which gives you support when you need it (btw, a ticket tracking system is a plus, because it let you and the opposite side know what the whole story is about!!).
I am a fan of Paragon Hard Disk Manager tool which has all one would ever need for HDD and data management. And support was till yet ok.
StorageCraft has also a nice product but I have never contacted their support. What kind of problems are you having with it?
Abraham DeutschIT professionalAuthor Commented:
noxcho, you have no idea how right you were. I installed novabackup, ran it and it failed. I picked up a phone and in the recording says (soundly) that thy are only open during the day, the story does not stop here, even in I called within these hours I got right away to a voice mail (so not professional) I tried using their chat, it was not live only sand a email. I emailed them and only got a respond the next day with a diagnose that was total off (If i am backing up thought wifi when I use a network cable) even I used their tool to send them the log.
Then I installed macrium and the backup failed.
Finally I installed paragon and it made a successful backup.
In regarding to the question what the issue was with storagecraft I send them the log via their tool, thy claimed the backup destination hard drive is not good, to the same drive paragon did a successful backup.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Hi Abraham,
I worked for some companies which make backup software and know that what is written and what you get differs greatly.
What the companies write in their websites is nothing else than marketing.
If you purchase the service and in the agreement see 24/7 for your service - then this is something different.
Thats why before investing money in some serious software I recomment checking the future usage and contact ways.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
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