I want to increase the Remote Desktop Connection sessions from 2 to unlimited - windows 2003


Please note that I get the attached error message during modifying Terminal Services configuration - RDP-Tcp properties to unlimited connection.

Best regards,
Marwan Darwiche
Marwan DarAsked:
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Did you buy unlimited licenses?  (I doubt it - never herd of an MS licensing scheme that offered unlimited.

Did you buy ANY RDS? CALs?  If so you need to install them in a license server and then setup a group policy to point the RDS server to the license server.  RDS is not free.  you need to pay for it.
Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
windows terminal server test license will avail for maximum 180 days trial ...

so for that you have to install terminal server licensensing...
go to administrative tools- terminal server licensing - connect to license server - type localhost - ok

select the local terminal server - right click -- go with the steps ---

so it'll configure unlimted TS licenses for 180 days ...

if you want to more than that period you have to purchase tscals now adays called as RDCALS licenses for window 2008R2/2012R2/2016

all the best
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
You do realize that Server 2003 is no longer supported so getting CALS will be an issue
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Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
To expand on what others are saying somewhat, you need to consider how Microsoft do their licensing for Windows Server and remote connections.

With 2003 and above, you get two free concurrent RDP connections to the server for administrative use only.

These form a part of whatever license you have on the server. This is Remote Administration mode.

In order to allow more than two concurrent connections you have to license for Remote Desktop.

This requires that each client has a Remote Desktop client access license (RDCAL) to connect, hence the message and error you're seeing.

Note here that an RDCAL is in addition to any other client or server CALs you have or need.

So what you've done, judging by the error, is installed the Remote Desktop Services mode without actually licensing it.

Now here, we are using downgrade rights from our EA to use 2003 so licensing shouldn't be an issue in terms of using them but you need to buy them. You'd also need to check as I don't know how far MS like you to downgrade - we do have some special extended support agreements in place due to the nature of the business.

Otherwise, you need to remove the Remote Desktop Role completely. Which, by the way, is always a bad idea to add or remove this to a machine that's been in use and definitely while users are attached.
Marwan DarAuthor Commented:

I have a server windows 2003 with unlimited RDP license as mentioned in the attached. is there a way to use this license on another server ?

Marwan Darwiche
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
No...no you don't. Not unless your CLIENTS are also Windows 2000, or XP bought before a very specific date.

MS changed that licensing back in the days of XP, sometimes around 2003.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You're not understanding.

You have UNLIMITED connections - BUT ONLY if the machines connecting are running Windows 2000.  All other systems need Terminal Server CALs.

As for the second image, your system is configured so that as far as networking is concerned, there is no limit but that has nothing to do with other services and licensing.
You're getting yourself into a big can of worms by doing that.

To enable unlimited sessions you need to enabled terminal services, but to do that you need to buy CALs but you can't because 2003 is too old and they don't sell them anymore.

The bigger question is WHY do you need unlimited RDP connections to this machine?
There might be an alternative you haven't considered.
Marwan DarAuthor Commented:
Ok Noted . Thank for your reply
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
I am so glad you felt that everyone helped and contributed, such as myself, that explained your unlimited CALS are for Windows 2000 clients only.

That was hardly a fair share of points, now was it?
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