WSUS error when deploying Windows 10


I am receiving the error 0xC0000005 while trying to deploy windows 10 from WSUS.
When checking the web, people say that NIC drivers might be missing. Not in my case.

I can correctly reach the WSUS server from the stations and start windows 10 deployment. I can see that 100% of the files are well copied and installed.
The deployment hangs at the "installing features" stage and give me the attached error.

It is not due to unrecognized NIC drivers as it goes till above stage and also because I receive the same error from other stations with other known NICs

Do you please have any idea to solve my problem ?

Thank you
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KooljacksConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I appreciate your help.
I added my image through the WDS mmc, like I did for the other images (basically a right click and "add install image".

Ohhh f*************k !!! I am writing WSUS since the beginning while I am talking about WDS. I am so sorry for this confusion.
Please forget the WSUS, I am talking about my WDS.
At that phase, all setup files are already on the win7 machine. So it seems the files are corrupted. Please delete and re-download the package to your wsus.
KooljacksAuthor Commented:
Thank you McKnife. I have just tried but I receive the same error message.
Plus, I forgot to mention that the same image can be deployed without any problem with DISM from a USB disk.

Anything other idea ?
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Before we continue, please tell me, how do you use the same image on your usb stick? How do you extract it from wsus? Or was WSUS fed with a custom package, somehow?
KooljacksAuthor Commented:
I have customized a workstation with Windows 10 pre-installed. After having installed all my applications, I have sysprepped it.
I captured my sysprepped partition and stored it in my usb disk. Then I pushed this image to WSUS.

With image from the usb, I am able to locally apply it to other stations with dism, but not from WSUS because of this error.

Hope that I give good explanations.
"Then I pushed this image to WSUS." - how did you do that? Maybe there's the problem.
You could (workaround) distribute the image using a script, we did this since we don't want to use WSUS for OS upgrades.
I can provide the script if needed.
KooljacksAuthor Commented:
My WDS and WSUS sevices reside on the same server. That's why I made the confusion. Sorry again !!
Don't worry.
You should select your own answer as solution and request closure and ask a new question with a new title. I am not too experienced with WDS.

You could however use my script to deploy any type of modified image, if that is needed.
KooljacksAuthor Commented:
I do not refuse your script McKnife.
How do you push your images through the network ?

Thank you for your help
McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To get the idea:
Extract your setup (a clean one or your modified one) to a network share.
Now use a script, that calls
\\server\share\setup.exe /auto upgrade

That's all. My script does some checks like language and edition. If the idea pleases you, I'll publish it.
KooljacksAuthor Commented:
Thank you,

Actually, I need to deploy images with the whole pre-configured OS in it. So that it installs the OS from scratch. It is not an upgrade.
Thank you for your proposition and big help anyway.

I am closing the case as you suggested.
Ok... please acknowledge, that the setup.exe offers to do clean installations:
\\server\share\setup.exe /auto clean

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