How to convert JSON file to csv?

I have downloaded yelp dataset which is about 2.7 gb JSON file. I'm not able to open the file in notepad.

After reading online materials, there are some python codes available in GitHub to convert JSON to csv.

I'm not familiar with python. I did try. I couldn't.

Experts, requesting for advise ..!
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António SargentoConnect With a Mentor Chief ArchitectCommented:
If you are familiar with javascript, you could use the json2csv on node.js.
In Java you have this simple project on Github.
Dung DinhDBA and Business Intelligence DeveloperCommented:
I am not expertise in JSON but you could prefer the link

If you are using SQL Server 2016, SQL Server supports JSON data.
chokkaAuthor Commented:
Thank you ..!! This is totally new for me. I'm using sql 2012.

Other problem is, file which I downloaded from yelp is about 2.7 gb
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Use a different editor (WordPad, UltraEdit, vim, emacs,..). The problem is only the file size and notepad.
António SargentoChief ArchitectCommented:
You have a couple of online converts, like:

chokkaAuthor Commented:
Hello Antonio.. Thank you.. Online converters will not be able to handle the large size file.  Size of the file is 2.7 GB.

Daniel JonesData Research AnalystCommented:
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