Detecting if port is refusing/dropping new connections on Windows Server via Powershell.


Is there a way to detect via PowerShell a port is refusing new connections or dropping connection requests on a server?

Thank you.
ZackGeneral IT Goto GuyAsked:
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ZackConnect With a Mentor General IT Goto GuyAuthor Commented:
Hi Bing,

I have my answer:

Thank you for your input.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
I think you can PowerShell to check if a port is open at listening status or in closed status with no application running behind it. but i don't think you can use PS to dynamically detect or monitor if the port is refusing or dropping a specific request or packet at a moment as it beyond the capability of a scripting language.
ZackGeneral IT Goto GuyAuthor Commented:
It's the solution that fits after 2 hrs on Google.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
good to know you have found the solution and thanks for sharing it.
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