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configure sonicwall nsa connected to a L3 switch

Hi, we currently have a flat vlan on the sonicwall firewall.  

We're adding a L3 swtich that is already configured to handle routing internally so i dont need the sonicwall to be configured as the router.
From what i understand, I don't need to create any additional vlan's on the sonicwall. I just need to create address objects with the various vlans and create route policies (static routes) and tell it to point to the l3 switch as my next hop.    Wanted to get an example from someone on what that would look like:  (ex. source, destination, etc).

the sonicwall will have the firewall vlan ip of
the core switch will have the firewall vlan ip of
the core has several vlan's configured already for routing:  vlan 20 (, vlan 30 (, and so forth.
Question: in the sonicwall, i'll be changing the X0 (lan) ip to
then create the route policies:  can someone detail the route policy on what it would look like on the sonicwall to confirm what i believe it to be?
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2 Solutions
You would define the switch port to which you would connect the sonic wall as a trunk
You then would define the vlans and the IP ranges/vlan firewall ip on this vlan)
If the switch already has its routing rules, you need only deal with how the vlans access the outside, or are you looking to transition the routing from being defined/managed on the switch to being managed by the sonicwall?

Where is your DHCP server or are all ips static?
Checking Dell support pages, see if the below https://support.software.dell.com/kb/sw12076
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Make the address objects, I like one for each vlan subnet, and one for the l3 switch interface IP on the subnet the sonicwall is connected to it on.
Source any
Dest vlan subnet
Service any
Gateway l3 switch

You can make one for each vlan or group them if you have a lot.
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Solid advice.
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