Video resolutions to be set for Videos in FB

Hi All,

I have a Mark 3 and Canon Camera and wanted to know how can we shoot a video in a portrait as below links and upload to Fb so the video is in bigger sizes.

Can anyone helpw with the ways these videos are done?
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dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, no.

You've got to set up both applications so they will work with your format.

For example FCP and I think Adobe is similar as well.


If that is too messy you import as usual into your video editor and do your work.  The final work will have thick black bars on either sides.  You then pass that to another application to remove the black bars.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Can anyone helpw(sic) with the ways these videos are done?

the videos are shot normally, then you require a GOOD video editor that can
  1. split the video into smaller clips
  2. speed up the parts of the video you want
  3. reassemble a new video from the parts of normal and speeded up clips
  4. overlay the information (images and text) that you want to add
mtthompsonsAuthor Commented:
Sorry my question is. While we shoot in a canon camera the footage is in the normal size as we see. But these videos are in a portrait form

As attached the image in the bottom is the general videos we see in FB.. The above 2 are of a different size. Hope i could explain what i need.
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dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You'll need an L Plate bracket so you can mount your camera on a tripod at a 90 degree angle.  See graphic below to compare standard mounting against a 90 degree mounting.

L Plate
This will give you the portrait format you require and no further editing will be required.
mtthompsonsAuthor Commented:
Once shot as this we place into Adobe Pro or FCP the format will change right? As we need to edit the video and add intro and extro to them
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
are you saying that you need to rotate the video by 90° from landscape to portrait?
mtthompsonsAuthor Commented:
When i do this i still get the black blocks in the sides. What is the best size to shoot and import for Fb purpose?
Try Avidemux

Open up a file.  Make sure it is a copy of a file and not the original one.

Then in the menu use Video -->  Filters

Under Available Filters find crop and Double click on crop.  Set your Borders etc etc and then continue on and see if you can save the altered file.
Facebook has some recommendations for uploading video and how to present them, maybe you could make them like a thumbnail then when folks play it the video can be full screened for them, or you could upload to youtube then link back the URL that shows as a thumbnail as FB has limitations
Facebook Uploading & Viewing Videos
Uploading and Editing Videos
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