Recover Windows 10 Local User Password

Have the Recover Win 10 disk instructions.
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David AndersTechnician Asked:
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Austin TexasConnect With a Mentor Systems EngineerCommented:
There is a trick you can try where you boot to CD or USB and then swap a couple of files on the HDD. Instructions are about halfway down the page here:
David AndersTechnician Author Commented:
Should have mentioned that I found this page and just printed it out.
Am going to follow the directions and will report on success.
Thank you.
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
The solution with renaming utilman.exe is the best.
David AndersTechnician Author Commented:
I just viewed "How to reset Windows 10 password without third party software"

A little different on files renamed rather than moved, and password change syntax
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