windows server 2003 about users from lusmgr.msc and task manager

Someone gave me a acc on vps windows server 2003  i tpe lusmgr.msc to see users and administrators and my username does not appear there,i can see one single user : Administrator i can see in ''Task Manager -Users'' other users are connected,i type net user myusername and says i not exist how is possible this?

john lambertAsked:
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AndyIt ConsultantCommented:

Is the server and/or your PC on a domain?
If it is your account will be in Active Directory and won't appear locally on the VPS server but will appear as an active user on the server.
Your account may appear in one of the groups or you may be a member of a domain groups added to a local group on the server.
john lambertAuthor Commented:
how to find if i am one of the administrators?
AndyIt ConsultantCommented:
Look in groups on the server, and see if you're in the Administrators group.
john lambertAuthor Commented:
thank you.....
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