SBS 2011 lsass.exe service Bandwidth issue

Hi Experts

I have a problem with a SBS 2011Server
 The lsass.exe  is uploading to the WAN killing bandwidth

does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

Paul-Anthony DableyThinking Forward - Forward ThinkingAsked:
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Paul-Anthony DableyConnect With a Mentor Thinking Forward - Forward ThinkingAuthor Commented:
Thanks  for your help, much appreciated
we ended up going through the router and going through firewall path through settings
It ended up being that port 389 and 636 were open and directed to the AD that was causing the upload issue,
closing these ports off stopped the issue from occurring,
Cris HannaCommented:
Have you scanned the server for viruses with several different tools
Paul-Anthony DableyThinking Forward - Forward ThinkingAuthor Commented:
I didn't get many responses and solved the problem ourselves
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