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my employer upgraded all office to 64 bit of 2016 pro plus, is it good or bad?

my employeer has deployed all new office to all company machines. from office 32 bit 2010 to 2016 64bit.

is this good or bad?  i hear that lots of VBA codes are not compatible with 64bit. what is the positive side of 64 bit?
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QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
The pro is the better handling of really big files. The cons are many. But as rule of thumb: if you have issues with the currently installed Office bitness variant, change it. If there is no issue, don't try to fix it. If you do not have Office installed, and no particular need to install 64 bit Office, install 32bit.
Agreed, Seen loads of issues with third party applications sending mail through 64bit Outlook, stayed away from it since and it was a while ago so may be better these days but i doubt it.
Main advantage should be speed of workstations which are so frequently abused by product processes that are not that necessary.

Main disadvantage is presumption some speed issue (ex WS is 'slow'): may be instantly fixed combined with lack of proper testing to address compatibility.

Where some functions may be issue/problem it may not matter if they are not currently in use by your staff.

While often MS upgrade is not compatible with prior version's data it is more likely to be those not upgraded would be found incompatible with new version features. MS continuing to not support its older products as well. Were it the case that Office only used in house it is less an issue. But if there is to be contact to other companies then issues may arise when they are less able to read your outputs. Better then to have at least 1 WS in house running former system to cover that.

Upgrading all at once is frowned upon. More often just half or half of that (25%). Makes problem resolution more simplified.

Do also beware that most refuse to upgrade. Until release of an SP2 version. This includes MS own employees.

Personally do not see more features in upgrades to desire to use. Others may like to have motorcycle driving around within their lengthy signature or flying and landing a  plane in a spreadsheet. Wonder why so many need that when the message header displays who it came from. Suddenly signature more important than message content - bloat.

> is it good or bad?

Depends on one's own POV (point of view/perspective.)

If one likes it then is good
If another dislikes then is bad

It is certainly good so far- just getting it done and over with.

What's the likelihood there was never a backout plan made for some contingency.
At least one major company suffered weeks of downtime with many of MS staff onsite trying to fix. There are other workplaces that can become easily less desireable than those one is more familiar with.
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The 32-bit versus 64-bit issue has been discussed at every Excel MVP Summit I have attended. For many years, the advice was to stick with 32-bit because there are a number of controls that didn't work in 64-bit--unless you really needed the larger memory allocation that comes with 64-bit Excel.

That said, the Power BI suite has always run better on 64-bit Excel. This is because you are dealing with huge amounts of data, and increasing from 2 GB (32-bit) to 8096 GB (64-bit) made a noticeable improvement in both speed and stability.

2015 was the first year I set up a virtual machine with 64-bit Windows Excel. I had to do it that way because I want to keep older versions (32-bit) of Excel around to answer forum questions, and you cannot have a mix of 32-bit and 64-bit Office applications on the same machine.

I switched to 64-bit Mac Excel 2016 earlier this year, as it can co-exist with 32-bit Excel from earlier versions.

It is clear to me that everybody will be using 64-bit Excel in the future. If you don't use VBA code, there has never been a reason to avoid switching. The larger memory space improves the performance of large workbooks, and the incompatibilities with 32-bit controls in VBA are being addressed.

Were Apple publishing Excel, we would all have switched to 64-bit years ago. Apple has never been reluctant to change technologies when they can offer a better product. It might have been painful for the first few weeks, but workarounds would have been developed any problems.

I imagine your firm is identifying problems in a few of your workbooks with 64-bit Excel, and is addressing those problems one by one. A year from now, those headaches will be behind you and there will be no second-guessing the decision to switch.
Depends too on when this was done, how long ago, how good IT staff deploying fixes, how many times you have been upgraded etc. Apparently MS is again incompatible with itself and either neglects some dll''s others might want, typical email issues with own eMail etc. Then are the issues regarding problems of products of other companies. Some examples here (If you've no problems, then why care)

http://windowsreport.com/word-2016-hangs-save-file/ ex:

Windows 10 Build 10547 Causing a Lot of Problems

A Microsoft representative has reached out, saying that this problem should be resolved in the upcoming build 10550 of Windows 10:

“I’m pleased to report that a fix has been identified and should be resolved in build 10550 of Windows 10. If you are still seeing this issue after build 10550, please let us know by replying to this post again.”

So this means that this particular bug is Windows-related and isn’t caused by the Office software itself
Assuming employer cares more for cloud than speed (which is more likely server/network related than WS):

Assuming you are more interested in coding and are sufficiently capable to test prior work whether desktop or laptop, these may be good reads (link & some of own interest):


Office did not bundle OneDrive connectivity until the introduction of Office 2013

Get More Done with Some “Tell Me” Assistance

Collaborate and Co-Author in Real Time

With the arrival of Query in Excel 2016, the two obstacles have been removed



The Pros
Strong collaboration features; Powerful custom groups feature; Helpful planner

The Cons
No real-time co-editing for PowerPoint or Excel; Does not adjust to tablet mode; Few improvements for home users

Microsoft's popular Office suite adds a host of vital collaboration capabilities but limits many of its best new features to businesses customers.
FloraAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much.
Thanx and happy coding.

There can also be issue for OS, if caring on other code, DOS CMD, features etc. Just saw this today:

First up: Edge-as-e-reader. Starting with build 14971, Microsoft says Edge will be able to display any unprotected ebook in the epub format.

http://www.pcworld.com/article/3143107/windows/windows-10-preview-pushes-command-prompt-into-the-shadows-paint-3d-into-the-spotlight.html   -> By Ian Paul PCWorld Nov 18

 Windows 10 preview pushes Command Prompt into the shadows, Paint 3D into the spotlight
Build 14971 says goodbye to the classic paint program and puts PowerShell up front instead of the command prompt.

 Microsoft also killed Edge’s snooze tab feature, which was introduced in preview build 14926. The trial feature let you set a Cortana reminder to look at a tab again after a set period of time  
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