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Adding a hidden div to each row in a table

Posted on 2016-11-21
Last Modified: 2016-11-21
Hi everybody.
I have a table built through DataTables plugin and I need to attach to each row a div in order to get an effect similar to the one you have in mobile gmail app.
More precisely, I want that when user long presses on a row, the hidden div becomes visible hiding the row and occupyig the exact same space: in the hidden div I have the button to deete that row.

This is the code to build the table:
function fillTable() {
	setTimeout(function () {
		if ($.fn.dataTable.isDataTable('#grid')) {
			t = jQuery('#grid').DataTable();
		} else {
			t = jQuery('#grid').DataTable({
				"initComplete": function () {
					var api = this.api();
					if (!(api).data().count()) {
						jQuery('#grid thead tr th').addClass('not-arrow');
					} else {
						jQuery('#grid thead tr th').removeClass('not-arrow');
				"ajax": {
					"url": baseurl + "data.php?user_id=" + user_id
				"initComplete": function () {
					$('#grid tbody tr').each(function(){
						$(this).append('<div class="td-buttons" >Delete</div>');
				aoColumns: [
						"mData": 0,
						"mRender": function (data, type, full) {
							return '<div class="user"><a class="avatar" href="#"><span><img class="img-circle" src="' + baseurl + full[0] + '" alt=""></a></span><span class="username"><a href="#">' + full[2] + ' ' + full[1] + '</a></span></div>';
						"mData": 1,
						"mRender": function (data, type, full) {
							return full[4];
						"mData": 2,
						"mRender": function (data, type, full) {
							var dt = full[5].split(' ');
							return dt[0] + ' at ' + dt[1];

                // Here I manage the long press using hammer.js
		$('#grid').hammer({domEvents: true}).on('press', 'tr', function () {
			var user_id = $(this).find('div.user').data('id');
			console.log('pressing row ' + user_id);
			console.log('PRESSS DOWN');

		jQuery('#grid_filter label').html(jQuery('#grid_filter label').find('input'));
		jQuery('#grid_filter label input').attr('placeholder', 'Search').css({
			'color': '#969BAA',
			'font-size': '15px'

		jQuery('#grid_filter label input').on('keyup change', function () {
	}, 500);

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this produces this markup:
		<tr role="row" class="odd">
			<td class="sorting_1">
				<div class="user" data-id="764">
					<a class="avatar" href="#">
							<img class="img-circle" src="avatar.gif" alt="">
					<span class="username">
						<a href="#">asdg test7</a>
			<td>2016-10-06 at 13:10:40</td>
			<div class="td-buttons">Delete</div>

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Here the css for the div:
	position: absolute;
	width: 100%;
	background: #ccc;
	z-index: 3;

Open in new window

The only problem I get is that I can't set the div height in pixels because rows can have different heights depending on content and setting it to 100% it make it fill the page not the row

How can I fix this?
Thank you for your help
Question by:Marco Gasi
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LVL 13

Accepted Solution

F Igor earned 500 total points
ID: 41895912
The DIV you are expecting to insert cannot be a direct child element inside a TR tag (you can create a TD container for that DIV or simply a TD with CSS formatting).

See this fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/drL8b5g1/1/ for an example.
LVL 31

Author Comment

by:Marco Gasi
ID: 41896045
@F Igor, thank you for your answer.
You example looks good , but it doesn't fit my need. That way I can't emulate gmail mobile app behavior. In gmail you can swipe left a row to delete an email: when you swipe left a colored space is left instead of the row for some seconds then it is deleted.
Well, I dont know swipe here but press, but I need to hide the row replacing it with an element whose wdth and height be equivalent to the row ones and within this elemet I'll put a button for now, but later I'll have to put other things.
So I'm wondering how I can achieve this...
LVL 13

Expert Comment

by:F Igor
ID: 41896373
In the next example you could get some ideas for some of your needs, it contains long-press event emulation (long press on row) and swipe (if supported)   in http://jsfiddle.net/drL8b5g1/4/

The "swipe" event could be used only in mobile views if you add the jQuery Mobile plugin, does not work in desktop.

You can easily find some additional examples to get it fully working starting of this point .
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Author Comment

by:Marco Gasi
ID: 41896475
Thank you: with a slight modification to your code I get something closer to what I want: https://jsfiddle.net/marqusG/e8c573fu/3/
LVL 31

Author Closing Comment

by:Marco Gasi
ID: 41896477
Thank you
LVL 31

Author Comment

by:Marco Gasi
ID: 41896480
I accepted you answer before to see your last comment. I'm goin to check it right now. Thank you again :)

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