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Need an Excel cell value to freeze once entered

Mr. Google can't find this, but maybe I just don't know the term to search for.  

I have a spreadsheet that tracks transactions in various currencies.  The exchange values change daily.  I have a cell with today's value, and when I make a deal the record for that deal records the USD equivalent of it based upon the cell value.  But if the exchange rate changes tomorrow, the deal record will update.  Instead of doing the math and entering a value, I would like the deal record to revert to just a value instead of a formula or somehow freeze once the other parameters of the deal are entered.  I'm hoping for something that does not involve Visual Basic.
Mike Caldwell
Mike Caldwell
1 Solution
Ganesh Kumar ASr Infrastructure SpecialistCommented:
Hello, Please post your excel sheet sample to see if anything can be done.

But reading your requirement seems, you need VBA to perform the special operation you are looking for, there is a condition but you cannot do with what you want without VBA.
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
What about a macro, to copy and then paste a value?  I wouldn't mind that, just not very confident in Visual Basic.  I have written a lot of stuff in VB Script, but not "real" VB.
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
Sample attached.  The issue is that the Euro/USD exchange rate changes daily.  Actually minute by minute, but I just use the value I have at the start of a day.  Just want to enter the Euro amount and it converts to USD using the daily rate, but on the sample the historical values would change too.
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Patrick MatthewsCommented:
If you only ever use one rate for each day, I recommend keeping a separate table of exchange rates.  Please see the attached file.

1) Added worksheet "FX Rates" with a table, FXRates, with two columns: Date and USD per Euro.  The rates in there now are FAKE. I made them up for the sake of example.  Replace them with real rates

2) Add a new row at the bottom of that table for each new day, and that day's exchange rate

3) On the Deals worksheet, use VLOOKUP to retrieve the exchange rate applicable for that day:

Note that because I omitted the fourth argument for VLOOKUP, you must ensure that the lookup table is sorted ascending by date.

For more info about VLOOKUP, you can see my article on the subject here.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
I agree with Patrick's suggestion and was going to suggest the same.

Another advantage with this is that you also then have a record of the daily exchange rates and can use for historical tracking or even maybe forward planning.
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
Makes sense.  What I am doing is not related to Euro but something else that may not change for a few days, but I can fill the table with dates for a year, and a formula for values that take the value of the previous day, and then force a value for the day it changes.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
With a VLOOKUP, if you set the fourth parameter to TRUE and sort the exchange rates in ascending order by date (oldest at the top, most recent at the bottom), the search down the date column will stop at the last date that is not greater than the date being looked for. For example, if you had an exchange rate for 21 Nov and the exchange rate changes on 25 Nov and a deal dated 22 Nov, when looking for 22 Nov it would stop at 21 Nov and use that exchange rate.

You don't need to populate the rates for 22, 23 & 24 Nov for it to work.

Would this be the correct action in your scenario?
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
Shoulda thought of it myself!  Thanks for the nudge.
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