Exchange 2007 Insert Memo - Incoming External Emails

      Is there a way to insert a memo into incoming external emails in Exchange 2007? If not, are there any third party software that could do this? What I am attempting to do is remind our users to be extra careful when emails are received from outside our network. Something like;
*** EXTERNAL email. Please be cautious and evaluate before you click on links, open attachments, or provide credentials. ***

Thank you
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Ganesh Kumar AConnect With a Mentor Sr Infrastructure SpecialistCommented:
Creating a disclaimer for the Exchange organization 2007, Exchange 2010 is similar as like 2007. In Exchange 2013 and 2016 it can be done in ECP Web console.

Open the Exchange Management Console
Expand  Organization Configuration
Click on Hub Transport
In the Toolbox Action click on New Transport Rule
1) Introduction. We must type the rule name and an optional description. We can also enable or disable the rule. Click Next to continue.
In this window defining the conditions for our transport rule. select the “from users outside the organization” checkbox and in the box below
2) Conditions. We must also select the “sent to users inside the organization” checkbox.
3) Adding a second parameter in the conditions of the transport rule
4) Select Scope. On the Select scope window, we can change the scope for the second parameter. We are going to select Inside and then we will click OK to continue.
Conditions. Now we can review the condition that we set for our new transport rule. This new transport rule will be applied to all messages from “Outside the organization” to “Inside the organization”

Verifying the conditions of our new transport rule
Actions. In this window, we have to click on the “append disclaimer using font, size, color with separator and fallback to action wrap if unable to apply” checkbox.  Click on the Disclaimer text link.
By default, the disclaimer is already complete with standard values, but we can change them according to our preferences.  

Specify the disclaimer text. If you want HTML format, you can prepare simple text in HTML

Actions. This will be the final screen of our Action section in the Transport Rule. We can review (and if needed, redefine) some settings.

Add Exceptions if you want to exempt any incoming mails. We can define exceptions based on conditions. These exceptions are useful if some people do not need to send or receive message with disclaimers.

Create Rule. This is the summary window, with all the defined settings for our new disclaimer. Review the options and click New.

Completion. The new rule was created with the New-Transportrule command-let with all the associated parameters already defined.
After rule creation, we can check if the rule is working as expected, with a couple of tests:

Test #1: Send a message between external to internal users (inside the organization)

Expected result: the disclaimer will be added in the message
daskas27Author Commented:
Thank you. I will give this a try this weekend.
CodeTwo SoftwareConnect With a Mentor Software DeveloperCommented:
Hi daskas,

If you would like to see a guide with illustrations for the same method Ganesh proposed, check out:

Good luck!
daskas27Author Commented:
Thank you
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