Set MailboxRegionalConfiguration for all users so OWA does not as them

We are migrating from Zimbra to Exchange.  One nuance is that when people log into OWA for the first time it asks them for language and time zone.  I want to set all users so that they are not asked that question.  Tried the PS Script below but it is asking me for an "Identity"

Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration  -Language en-us -TimeZone "Mountain Standard Time"

Could someone please help me fill in the blanks.  Or is there a setting in EAC that I can hard set the time zone?
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jmac44Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try it this way.

Get-MailboxDatabase -Identity '<DATABASE_NAME>' | Get-Mailbox | Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration -TimeZone '<Pacific Standard Time>' -DateFormat 'M/d/yyyy' -Language '<EN-US>' -TimeFormat 'h:mm tt'

Only substitute you timezone and you can omitt the date and time format
Base on what I'm reading you have to do -Identity first.
SDISupportAuthor Commented:
You are correct.  I am able to use the identity for an individual user but what is the identity if I want to do it for all users?
SDISupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much for your quick response and expertise.
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