How to remove/cleanup azure active directory connector from on-premises active directory

Hi experts,
I have office 365 accounts synchronise password with on-premise active directory using azure active directory connect. I will be decommissioning the on-premises AD. How to remove/cleanup azure active directory connect from on-premises active directory

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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can disable AD syncing in the azure portal. Once that is done, just uninstall AADConnect via add/remove programs, like any other peice of software.

Technically you can do this in any order, but I like making sure Azure AD reports accounts as cloud managed in the azure portal before uninstalling AADConnect, just in case things go sideways.
Kyu LapizConnect With a Mentor Remote Support/Tech SupportCommented:
Hi Dnack,

The link below is related and is helpful with regards to your questions.
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