Which way did (adult) Jesus go?

Do note this question is not intended to address your personal beliefs but of what you can surmise of others.

 Consider case where one thinks a living Jesus was strung upon cross but survived the experience.

 MQ: Which way did he then go?

What way did he go NSEW to where- did he arrive at destination? In what condition.

Suppose same question concerning where he went would apply to those also denying the use of cross. It was not among his symbologies.
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I've never fully thought that Jesus survived crucifixion; but east towards, and eventually into, India always seemed most reasonable. I can't imagine Jesus staying quiet and unrecognized anywhere within the Roman Empire. He'd soon be a religious leader no matter where he was, so it would need to be in a region that wouldn't (couldn't?) allow news of his teachings to raise concerns with anyone in (Roman) power.
Jesus did NOT “survive” the crucifiction. He died...dead. Period. Because it was near the religious passover the Jews wanted them off those crosses so they ask Pilate for permission to have the soldiers take hammers or sticks and break their legs so they could not long push themselves up with their legs to get another breath. Without that ability one could not breath while on the cross. The Romans perfected this misery on purpose. Jesus didn’t survive. H e died.  He was dead for 3 entire days. His body was placed in a tomb, guarded by Roman soldiers and sealed with the seal of Rome which meant whoever broke that seal would die.  The soldiers who failed would be punished severely or die if they did, so they didn’t fail. They guarded the tomb. Jesus went to those dead who had died believing that God would one day make a way of salvation for them and preached the good news to them and then on the third day rose from the dead in a new glorified body. It was a body different than ours. He could pass through walls and just appear with it.  Angels finally appeared and put the guards to sleep and rolled away the stone so that human beings could see in, not so He could get out.  

Only skeptics like to say He survived. Impossible. When they came to break their legs they broke them on the other two persons. Jesus had already given up His Spirit (voluntarily). He said NO ONE TAKES MY LIFES FROM ME. I LAY IT DOWN.  Just to make sure He was dead they took a Roman spear and shoved it up into his side and out poured blood and water. This is a medical condition that only happens in severe cases. There is NO Way He “survived.” He died. Then He rose again...proving that He indeed was and is God. He appeared to more than 400 people over 40 days and ascended to the Heavens in front of a ton of witnesses. This can’t be faked people. What you do with Christ now in this life will determine where you spend all of eternity. He died for you and paid for your sins, but you have to receive Him.
Always a kick when someone writes something like "There is NO Way He 'survived." And follows it up with "Then He rose again...proving that He indeed was and is God."
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