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I tried to watch these videos on Vista and Chrome and FF and IE. They never loaded.

I switched to Windows 7 and IE 11.0 and they still do not play.

From what I find this is the only link to these videos.

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I never get the error message.

I searched for this specific video for quite some time.
Maybe there are on some other site.

And the link you gave does not open for me either.
I didn't get that error message directly. All I got was a spinning wheel when I clicked on the video icon. The error message came from my browser error logs. That is not a link, it is part of the error message.

There is a place at the bottom of the page to add comments. You might add a comment that the videos won't play, or you could send an e-mail to the editor of the site at and tell him the videos won't play. Make sure you include the URL of the page.
Looking at this more closely, the blog page you are referring to is 6 years old. The links to videos were to videos posted by TBS 6 years ago and have likely been long since removed since they were probably part of a sports page and would only have been available for a few weeks or days.

I am afraid you are out of luck unless you can find these videos archived elsewhere on the net.
Text is all I can find.

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