How can i restore the lenovo recovery partition after losing it?

Ophir Pinhasi
Ophir Pinhasi used Ask the Experts™
I recently upgraded to a larger SSD on my X1 and the samsung "magician" (mofo!!) warned that he would clone only the system partition and if there's a recovery partition on the source drive, you can kiss it goodbye.
First of all WTF samsung?!?!!
But more importantly...has anyone successfully rebuilt the lenovo system recovery partition with F11 functionalities intact?
I have MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro & Server Edition 9.1 & Paragon Partition Manager 15 Professional and am willing to use alternatives if shown/proven to give me more control of the task at hand.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
If you still have the original SSD, it'll be a lot easier to do an image copy of that drive onto the new one using a better disk migration tool.  There are plenty around that are smart enough to deal with hidden partitions properly.

If not ... grief is probably about to descend.

You'll certainly need the Lenovo product recovery DVD for your system, which can be obtained several different ways at this Lenovo web site page.

Since the correct partition structure has been destroyed, I suspect it'll go something like this:

Do a full backup of the system to at least two different media.  Verify the backups.  Use a backup tool that has a bootable restore CD/DVD.

Reinstall Windows from scratch to the SSD using the Lenovo restore DVD.  This will reinstall the Lenovo service partition and partition the drive appropriately.  Do all this without the system connected to the internet.

Restore the backup of the system onto the C: partition on the SSD using a bootable restore CD/DVD.

This should get the system back to, or close to, the original configuration.

Side note:  I don't think this would go as easy as I've outlined above.
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What OS are you using? If it is Windows 10, you don't need the recovery partition. All you need to do is to download the Windows 10 iso that corresponds to the version you have installed (Pro or home). Use WinSetupFromUSB to make a bootable Windows 10 Installation USB stick or disk, then install the OS from that. During the installation when you get asked for the product key, just click on "I don't have a key". Once the OS is installed and the system has an internet connection, it will automatically activate and re-register with the m$ servers.

If it is another OS, reinsert the old disk and check if the factory restore partition still works. If it does, use the builtin tools of the OS or of Lenovo to create a set of Revocery DVD's or USB stick.
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I have an X1 with a Samsung SSD (1 TB PCI-e NVM-e 960 EVO drive).

If you lost the partition you have to restore from the Lenovo Recovery as stated above.

You can go to Lenovo Support, register, go to your model, and then get one free copy of Lenovo Recovery. I have done that and put it on a 32 GB USB Key.

Then keep it until you need it, rather than rebuilding now if your system works.


I have the media. thanks. been through this before unfortunately. i also found a cloned image of the factory defaults from 2014 (when i had to use the recovery disks) which i think i will restore to disk after a file level backup and profiling of settings/apps.
Thanks for the refresher, I was procrastinating knowing the task would cost me a good half day.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Thanks for the update and I was happy to help.

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