Problems Accessing Website after Exchange install

Hi, having issues where I can no longer connect to the externally hosted website after an exchange 2010 install.  I've tried adding an A record in DNS with www pointing to the external IP of the website but still no luck even with http.

So is exchange impacting on this because of the following and should I just change the internal exch directory details to something else instead of using the same domain name as the website (sorry it's late cant think :-/ ) Please can someone clarify

AD name                            = (also own the address but not used)
web site                              =
Exchange setup to use     =,,,

Could rekey the UCC cert

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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
What kind of website you're talking about ? Its hard to understand.
Do you have problem accessing external website from Exchange server machine or from your network ?
is this regular www address or other ?
jovonnAuthor Commented:
It's just our regular www company website which works externally but not from the internal network and was ok before exchange was added

My point earlier about the same external domin name being used in exchange virtual directories such as auto discover etc shouldn't cause it?
David NeedhamFreelance ConsultantCommented:

While I agree that it should perhaps not cause problems,  using the same domain name internally as you have externally, is not something that I would recommend.  It could very well be that the fact that your are caused this problem.

In all of my installs I have always used .local, or . lcl.  I've then set the Exchange server to masquerade as an externally named device in it's connector/s.

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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
I don't understand your point.
Sorry but can you please clarify ?

1. Is a OWA you talking about or regular www ?
2. On first post you said:
I can no longer connect to the externally hosted website
then in second post you said
regular www company website which works externally but not from the internal network

If I think right you have problem to access regular www website hosted outside and you have not access to it from inside
If this is the case and you sure you did not changed anything in firewall, for some reason request from your inside network to www is poiting to different place.

Can you confirm that ?

Try ping your www website from inside and from outside and compare IP address if is the same?

if is the same IP, double check your firewall settings.
If is different it's mean in your IIS integrated with your DC must be some redirection to different place.

You can create new forward lookup zone named and inside just create a www record with host A pointed to your external website IP.

Refresh DNS on workstation and check if is working.
jovonnAuthor Commented:
sorry for the delay, managed to get this resolved  

we had a divert that was placed in the background for our address on the public side which diverts to the actual live site (

The is the same name used internally for Active Directory so we ended up disabling the divert at the hosting company as it wasn't used - main thing is it's registered to the company.

secondly, the name space supplied in the virtual directories for internal and external on exchange server were the same which is usually recommended  ( However setting up an A record for www just didn't work -  tried a few things!  - split DNS wasn't sending web requests externally to - so ended up using the internal FQDN of the exchange server (also on the exchange cert) in the virtual directories, and changing the SCP for the local clients,  removed the split dns and access was fine again.
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