I Don't Know What it Means by Programming.

Tommy Piacente
Tommy Piacente used Ask the Experts™
I'm creating a slideshow on a MMORPG game and it is asking what codes, platforms, and purposes. But, i don't know what the codes and platforms are.
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Serena HsiMarketing Consultant

What's asking this, your homework? Hmm..

The platforms are most likely referring to the game platforms that the MMORPG can be played on. In the example of World of Warcraft, one could say that the platforms it supports are: Microsoft Windows and OS X.  I don't believe it is out yet on XBOX or PS4.

The code is referring to the underlying source code, what makes the game tick. With the exception to WoW, source code is proprietary for most MMO games. You'd need to scour sites like Gamasutra or PCInvasion to see if anyone has built add-ins or modules for existing MMO games.

And purpose? To have fun? who knows..
Brian MatisProduct Manager

Are you trying to research an existing game or is this an assessment of what you would do if you were building a new game?

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