Does Use of Custom Homepage in Wordpress cause SEO confusion?

This is our first Wordpress project and we are using Yoast SEO.   We opted for the Custom Homepage option of the theme instead of the Static Homepage.  Never used or wanted latest blog post to be the homepage.  

Yoast SEO tool works great on the rest of the pages, relatively a WYSIWYG deal.  But modifying the Home page in the SEO tool has no bearing on the Customized Home page appearance.  But it DOES affect the meta information displayed in Google's Search results.

So which page am I supposed to optimize; the Custom Page which is visible to the public, or this "phantom" page for which Google sees  Meta information?  Right now I'm doing both as best I can.  The page done through Yoast tool isn't pretty, but it seems to score well with Yoast.  The Customized page looks OK, but not sure if Google sees or cares about it's  SEO attributes.

Our homepage is
Thanks for your help,
Gale W.
Gale WPresidentAsked:
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RaghavIT SpecialistCommented:

Rather than explaining the Home Page SEO thing here, i would like to share a link that tells what you are looking for -

And it is from Yoast :-)

Good luck with that.

Best Regards
Tom BeckCommented:
There's no phantom page. Google search bots cannot "see" what a page looks like. It relies on the information in the page source to try to determine what the page is about. It can only read words and their level of importance you assigned to them based on html tags. Search bots cannot "read" images and do not care a wit for what colors you use. They do however read the "alt" and "title" properties of images so make sure you have those filled in with relevant text. A page that is optimized for search engines has a proper hierarchy of headings followed by textual content. The bigger the heading (<h1>, <h2>, <h3>, etc.), the more relevance the search bot gives to the words in that heading. Think of a text based report or set of instructions that is broken down into sections with headings and bullet points to make the whole of the information clearer for the reader. The only difference is, web pages use html tags to separate what is a heading and what is text content. Search bots can read these tags. The clearer that layout hierarchy is for the search bot, the better it understands what the page is about, the better the SEO score, the higher the relevance ranking. And there are other factors too like how fast the page loads, how many server requests are made to get images and files to complete the page, and whether or not it's mobile friendly. If you want to know what Google "sees" when it scans your page you can simply right click on the page and choose "View Page Source". No mystery.

When I look at the page source on your pages I don't see much different in the level of meta tag information between the home page and the other pages. But meta information is only a small part of a search bots ranking system. Your information has to be presented in a logical heirarchal way so the bot can glean what it's all about and summarize it.

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Gale WPresidentAuthor Commented:
Thanks both of you.  Tom caused me to go back and do some deeper examination of our Headings and a few other items.  Think we've taken several steps in the proper direction to helping Google understand our structure and content.  Our Heading tags were somewhat randomly assigned, and our page Meta stood to be updated as well.   Thanks for the guidance and motivation.- Gale W
Tom BeckCommented:
You're welcome. Glad to help.
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