Yahoo!'s Common Tags, explain them to me like I'm an infant.

The only articles I can find on these common tags, which are supposed to sort of replace meta keyword tags, are so dense and confusing that I give up.  for instance.

Can someone show me a real-world use for these, and maybe give a simple explanation? Thanks!
Melody ScottAsked:
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Eoin RyanI.T. ContractorCommented:
They're trying to introduce unique tags for subjects/topics so that search engines can be more accurate. Very similar to meta tags but via a common database there would be a list of tags to use so you fall under a relevant tag. Also you can link more details within the tag to further define what your content is referring to, again to assist search engines with accurately categorising your page.

So suppose you've something like Reading (the town in England) and reading (the verb). If you meta or content had a lot of the word "reading" which you'd expect any search for "reading" would, possibly, return results related to both. What the tagging would hope to achieve is to give them each a unique tag that you would include so to be more accurate as to the pages content. Maybe "reading_town" and "reading_learning" as examples of tags to show the difference.

Example might be a bit silly but hopefully makes sense.

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Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
Is it something that a lot of people are using? Is it becoming common practice, or best practice? Your explanation makes sense, thanks.
Eoin RyanI.T. ContractorCommented:
Here is a more up to date article referring to what SEO uses for it's "intelligence". More aligned with the contents of pages and not what people are "self stating" their pages contain.
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I appreciate the extra information!
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