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is there search engine optimization (seo ) on ebay

should i write

for coat

specificity versus sensitivity

too many words
may harm my listing
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I suppose it depends on whether you are trying to sell an article of outer clothing or electrical/thermal insulation.

If this is a garment, then why on earth would you add the words "sheath" and "wrapping" to the listing?
The words really need to be well associated with the item, not just copied from for the word "coat" that serves as a noun and a verb.  A coat is generally outer wear, so the word overcoat would be chosen to differentiate it from a jacket which could also be a suit jacket.

If this is electrical insulation sleeving or thermal insulation for a hot water storage tank, then "sheath" or "wrapping" would be applicable and useful words to use in your listing, but not for an item of clothing.
Thank you rgb192

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