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I am a rookie with programming but wanted to delve into programming for Androids.  What language should i use?  or what development program.?  also, does this language translate to coding pretty well if i wanted to create the same app for ios.
any commentary would be greatly appreciated
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The primary development language for Android is Java.

The bad news is that doesn't translate well to iOS (which uses a version of C or these days a new custom language called Swift).

If you really want to develop something which runs well on both Android and iOS your choices are either to actually develop a web app (use HTML + JavaScript and run it inside a browser on the phone - this can be done as an app or directly inside a user's phone browser) or choose a cross platform tool designed specifically to support both Android and iOS (e.g. Unity or OpenFL

Hope that helps,

I have only minor experience with Android programming (a small database application few years ago). As far as I can say, Java is the primary language. However, it is another implementation of Java created specifically for Android. On the other hand, it is still Java. It may be limited by the Android features itself.

However, Java would probably be slow for some applications (like games), and it is possible to develop the code using C++. I have no personal experience with that, but it seems that you still should use Java as the glue language (that is to give it Java interface). In other words, you can write libraries in C++ to be used from the Java code.

Have a look at Android NDK.

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